Falla Exposición-Mascó

And to finish this tour we can visit falla Exposición-Micer Mascó crossing the riverbed. We can get to this falla walking from the center and also by metro from the XÁ metro station near city council square or Bailén station to metro station Alameda.

Route to get to Falla Exposición.

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   Route with metro to Alameda

   Route from metro Alameda to Falla Exposición

Fallas Antiga and Nou Campanar

From the center we can go to the Nou Campanar and Antiga Campanar Fallas which are a bit far for going walking. It's a good idea to take the metro at 'Plaza de Espanya' or 'A Guimerá' and take line 1 to the station of 'Campanar'. If you are around Falla 'Exposición' take metro station 'Alameda' of line 3 and 5 and change at 'Angel guimerá' to line 1. We can also use local bus nr95 that goes along the riverbed and it's last stop is quite close to Nou Campanar, butt you have to pay attention to possible line diversion and cancel of bus stops during fallas.

metro centro

Metro route from the center to Nou Campanar.

Falla Nou Campanar have been the winner in the years 2004 to 2009 and 20012. NEWS 2016: Nou Campanar is not setting a Falla this year Visit this area only if Antiga gets a good prize.

If you are in the center it's recommended to use the metro line 1 to Campanar station. Once there you must take the exit of the left side and walk up the street in direction to commercial center Hipercor Ademuz in the Monestir de Poblet street.

There we will find the falla of L'Antiga de Campanar. This falla won some years ago and since then is an special section falla. Now we must cross the old town of Campanar with narrow streets and we will lead to an avenue where we will see Nou Campanar in front of us.

Route from the Campanar metro station to Antiga and Nou Campanar fallas.

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   Suggested route

   Route with metro towards Campanar

From here we can return to the center using the same metro station.

Final advices

This is the general tour to see the most important fallas, there are some other of special section and some other important fallas, but these are the must see fallas.

Fallas may vary of category from year to another, and even in the same category the quality and budget may vary too. It's hard to keep a high level for many years and sometimes a falla may decay for a time.

There is always a lot of people around most important fallas, you'll need patience to see some of them. If you like to see better, i recommend you to pay the ticket to enter in the inner perimeter of the falla, and more if the falla have an important prize. If you want to avoid the crowd, first hours in the morning and luchtime (between 15 and 16 hours) are the best hour to visit important fallas.