Falla Convento de Jerusalén 2004

Artist: Francisco López Albert. Cost: 224.700€

The ladies are showing some forms of twee over the history.
Twee tales. Convento Jerusalén. 2nd prize.
Details: The hats with feathers and the dresses are quite well done.

Ascot twee. Convento Jerusalén. Convento Jerusalén.

Twee tales.
Details: The muscular but thin prehistoric man. The dinosaur face.
The base of the falla, over which are the ladies with wearing hats, has a modernism style.
La twee lizard, seems to be posing.
Convento Jerusalén. 2nd prize.

7 deadly sins. 7 deadly sins.
The fallera twee leads the families to the 7 deadly sins.
Details: Lust on the left.

Market gardener playing golf.
The vegetable garden is in extinction, that's why farmers become players.
Details: Playing with cauliflowers instead of golf balls. The sign says 'Golf course, The Last Drop'.

Child Falla of Convento de jerusalén was not at the same level of the big Falla.
But this ninot was one of the funniest.
A Fallera painting the lips to the little dog wich is wearing also an ornamental comb and a shawl.
Child Falla Convento.