Falla Na Jordana 2004

Artist: José Latorre & Gabriel Sanz. Cost: 180.304€

Carmelot is a partying town. (Carmelot-->The Falla is located at El Carme area)
The maiden is charming the knigth Tirant for achieving his money.
Na Jordana. 5th prize. Dragon and jester. Wizards and withces.

The maiden. Ninot
This Ninot competed for being the best and indulted for this falla.
It wasn't chosen for the pardon, but was really well done . Even the roses seem real.

El prince sees the tournament.
Detail: The prince sees the tournament (the face of the Prince of Spain).
Falla Na Jordana.


9th prize of Child Fallas of the Special Section.
Child Falla Na Jordana Child Falla Na Jordana