City Council Falla 2005
Artist: Alejandro Santaeulalia. Cost: 180.000 € Height: 25 metres.

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Dedicated to the spanish painting of all times, with pictures of famous painters of different styles and artistic tendencies.
The central figure, the painter portraying to the model, surrounded by pictures in his study.

City council falla City council falla City council falla

In order to represent what is already seen and of which the painter flees there is a series of known pictures around him.
Mistress of Avignon (Picasso), Gentleman with hand in his breast (El Greco), a Menina (Velázquez)

seņoritas de avignon caballero de la mano en el pecho menina
harlequin from Picasso Mirķ An harlequin from Picasso, along with the lamp of the picture of Guernica and ohter painting from Miró .
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