City Council Falla 2005
Artist: Alejandro Santaeulalia. Cost: 180.000 € Height: 25 metres.

In the lower part of the falla different styles are represented.
In Altamira a bison is the model for the presitoric artist to make a portrait of him.

Altamira, prehistoric art

Unemployed Lancers

The Lancers from Velázquez are unemployed because their creator is out of fashion.

Romanesque style. The way of Saint James with several politicians: Zapatero, Margall, Aznar y Rajoy. Fraga above of the churh door.
Romanesque style Romanesque style Romanesque style

Dalí in the first picture and more styles. Impossible Surrealism, the King with a Republican coloured tie drinking some ales with Carod (independentist republican) dressed Real Madrid and with an scarf from the Spain national team.
In the righmost picture, Cubism style.

Dalí Surrealism Cubism

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