Falla Exposición-Micer Mascó 2005
AMOR A CUATRO PATAS (4 legs love)
Artist: José Puche. Cost: 180.000 € Height: 19 metres.

Animals have feelings as humans. Cupid throws arrows to the pairs of elephants and giraffes. Around different scenes represent different types of loves.

amor a 4 patas
amor a 4 patas

Hens waiting for be blessed by San Antoni, the farm where the chickens dismiss the rooster and choose an elephant as the new king of the hen house. On the right picture, maternal instinct, the hens crying for its son.

amor a 4 patas new king in the farm the hen loves her sons

Frogs fall in love of the skin diver (frog man) when thinking that he is one of his species. The crocodile that persecutes to the shoes of skin of crocodile. The indulted ninot on the right. The blind person helped by its guide dog.

love for the frog man
crocodile and shoes
indulted ninot

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