Falla Plaza del Pilar 2005
TOT ESTÁ EN ELS LLIBRES(everything is in the books)
Artist: Vicente Martínez. Cost: 180.301€ Heigth: 21 metres.
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Literay prizes
Planeta Prize
Nadal Prize
Nobel Prize
Planeta Prize.
Nadal Prize.
Nobel Prize.
Prince of Asturias Prize
Cervantes Prize
Prince of Asturias Prize.
Cervantes Prize.

Different types of books. An animal becomes bored with the reading, unable of learning the lessons of books. The model uses books to learn to walk with balance and elegance. The cook does not clarify itself despite of following the instructions of the cooking book.  
Becoming bored as an animal
Learning to walk
Cooking recipes
Learning to walk .
Cooking recipes book.
Burning books
It is not virtue burning books.

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