4th Prize


Artist:Vicente Martíinez Aparici. Cost: 198.000 € Height: 19 metres.

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An astonished father because he has had eight children. The young marriage lives tormented by the outrages of its big family.


Pizarro-C Amoros.4th prize
height have born
Pizarro-C Amoros.4th prize

  History begins with the youngers in love, the happiness deceives with an unexpected gift.  
Pizarro-C Amoros.4th prize
happy youngers awating for..
the hour has come, and they are eight
Picture by Alsa
Picture by Alsa

  After the games the hall seems like a war zone.
Children kidnapping to Balthasar at the trhee wise men night.
hall is a war zone
children kidnapping balthasar

  The parents denounce the children, they have already turned thirty years, for occupation of familiar home.
The occupation is over, let's celebrate it.
parents denounce the children
end of occupation  

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