The winner of the 2008 was teh Falla of Nou Campanar by fifth consecutive year and although the wind pulled down two figures of upper part of the Falla when it was being mounted. A suitable repair so that the hollow resulted in the place of the figures wasn't noticed was carried out and the the huge size of the Falla resulted that the lack of these two figures wasn't obvious.


Pardoned ninot was for Falla Convento de Jerusalén, taht was also the second of the special section, a very good falla that everybody liked a lot.


The City council falla was also at a grat level and was quite fun. First prize for "talent and grace" was for the amused Falla of Na Jordana.


Falla Ayuntamiento

"Whatever you wish"

...you'll get only half of it. The tale of Aladdin and the genius that gives wishes.

Nou Campanar - 1st Prize.

"Whichever story"

It's a long time that stories are fashionable. Just look around and notice how many tall stories.

Convento Jerusalén - 2nd Prize.

"Let's make fire,sirs" - Pardoned Ninot

The culture of fire since the prehistory to modern age, always with its erotic counterpoint.

Exposición-Mascó - 3rd Prize.

"Making history"

Tales, stories, excuses, more stories, stories for not sleep, to cheat, to excite.

Sueca-Azorín - 4th Prize.

"Dreams or reality"

Life is a long way full of dreams and hopes. Some nightmares are nothing comperd with reality of the day by day.

Pza del Pilar - 5th Prize.

"Bad times for the four elements"

All forms of life are under the activity of the four elements of nature.

Cadarso-Altea - 6th Prize.

"Don't worry, be happy"

A song for the optimism. Don't suffer, be happy! although the companion spoils you or the bull catches you.

Na Jordana - 7th Prize.

"This year with Ñ"

Letter Ñ as the symbol of the deep and pure Spain.

Pizarro-Amorós - 8th Prize.

"Step by step, we will see it all"

Castellón, Valencia and Alicante, with all their regions, have destionatios very attractive for the tripper.

Regne de Valencia - 9th Prize.

"Who said fear?"

Phobias has become something daily in the welfare state .

Cuba-Azorín - 10th Prize.

"Valencian tales for children and elders"

Traditional tales, as the base of inspiration.

Pza de la Merced - 11th Prize.


A couple of teenagers are worried by the problems of the world, are watching an eclipse.

L'Antiga de Campanar - 13th Prize.

"A tribe it's, its a tribe"

Urban tribes expand easily in the context of the cosmopolitan culture.

Other fallas

Other section fallas.

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