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Falla L'Antiga de Campanar

"A-tribu-it is, its-a-tribu"


Prize:   13rd special section.

Artist: Emilio Miralles Ferrero.

Cost:   180.000 Euros.

Height:  20 metres.


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Urban tribes expand easily in the cosmopolitan culture.
The symbol, a belt wuth metallic clasp decorated with elements of the punk, rock and heavy.

Urban tribes.


Falla Antiga Campanar

The member of the Hippie tribe floates over a marijuana plantation. Accompanied by his smoked dog.



Falla Antiga Campanar

Fire tribe, the fallas tribe fills the streets with parties.


Falla Antiga Campanar

Tribu-ne vip.

Falla Antiga Campanar



Graffitti tribe.



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