Child Falla Cadarso-Altea

"Told tales, are already changed"


Prize:   6th special section.

Artist: María Valero Pérez.


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Fairy godmother's granddaughter inherits the family business .
Tired that all tales have a happy end decides that it0s time to give a new air to some old fashioned stories.

With the magic wand in the library, causes a fantastic book commotion. The personages take a new life without leaving their didactic spirit.


Child Falla  Cadarso-Altea

"No more crystal ball! , the plasma television gives more real images".

Child Falla  Cadarso-Altea

"The nose has been extended so much because of telling so many lies, that a bird has nested there".



Child Falla  Cadarso-Altea

"Guilliver is so tired of visiting fallas, that in the street he lies down ".


Child Falla  Cadarso-Altea

"Return to the wonders Alice and her firends among fallas and paellas".




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