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Falla Cuba-Literato Azorín

"Valencian tales for children and elders"


Prize:   10th special section.

Artist: Juan Carlos Donet.

Cost:   180.000 Euros.

Heigth:  19 metres.


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Traditional tales, as the base of inspiration.

"This year in Cuba-Azorín tales are the subject, having the great dilemma about if it finishes or it begins."

"Of very ingenious geniuses of treasures and wealth, of thieves and princess, and skilful ...mice."


"Alí-Botín and the fourty thieves of the interest rate."

Falla Cuba-Azorín

The Valencian Fallera sleeps dreaming in the arrival of the fairy that will bring her the prince and will turn her into the Greater Fallera.

"Of thieves of the percentage, of taxes and comissions, that make the decent man, take his trousers down".

"Thieves of all the money that empty the pocket to those who are brave and change the mortgage".

Falla Cuba-Azorín

The most terrible tale and with the saddest ending, the one about the untenable national....banking.


"The mice of Special."

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"As if they were little mice that are everywhere, distinguished like young gentleman, simple as "ventafoc"".

Falla Cuba-Azorín

And that's the end of the story, hoping that the Falla takes some medal, this story has ended with permission of children and neighbours".

<--- "Are federated mice, are mice of special, that equally go closer or far from what's normal".

"In order to finish the monument, to finish this story, we will speak of that president, who commands within a Falla." -->


Falla Cuba-Azorín

Inside the farm of the socialist party, 'Pla' theugly duckling is moved away from his colleagues.

"It's not to showw off, when you take the highway , whereupon usually you arrive at night when always leave by day."

Falla Cuba-Azorín

In the never arrive country, difficult by the amount of retentions and traffic jams.
"From Ruzafa towards El Saler, from Patraix to La Patacona, it will take you more to do than Alicante-Barcelona."


Falla Cuba-Azorín

The three little pigs suffer now the attack of the speculator wolf , their homes will be expropiated and destroyed.

Falla Cuba-Azorín

Hércules will pull of the AVE (high speed train).




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