Child Falla Na Jordana



Premio:   12th special section.
3rd prize Talent and Grace.

Artist: Fet d'Encarrec.


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Sustainable falla, i won't fall down.
The planet needs urgent actions to assure a pleasant future. Air, earth, water and light remember us that the planet is fragile.

"This year our falla is a SUSTAINABLE monument, that tell us how to do the things compatible with the environment".
"A wooden structure sustains and madesit possible, without ceramics nor iron, all it is combustible".

Child Falla  Na Jordana

"Ia m the earth, i'm the element that holds up the world, that support the world".
"The hen within cage, puts eggs of strange colors, will be by the fodder that eats?".

Child Falla  Na Jordana

"The excavating shovels devastates without mercy mountains and plains, by the west and the East".

Child Falla  Na Jordana

"I am the air, soft element, but if i get angry, i'll blow wind".



"In order to cure the Earth wounds we have to seed seeds, and to plant trees and thus clean the air".

"The smoke of the industry soils the air, ruins the landscape and bothers the neighbors".


Child Falla  Na Jordana

"What do you think, that fishes fish? poor boy, don't be simple, that everything what he has been able to obtain, are four jars and one tin."

"The whale is running aground because no longer can swim, and that is because plastic, sweepings and junk fill all the sea".


"I am the light, thanks to me you can see the world, alive and nice".
"SI am the clear water, don't pollute me, becuase if you bother me, you don't dominate me anymore".

"When they spill oil to the sea soils coasts and the beaches, and thanks that there is this boy to clean it".
"It is necessary to separate the rubbish, you'll know by the colours: papers, packages or glasses, different containers".


"To the sunlight and the wind, we will bring new energies, much cleaner, renovable, convenient and alternative".



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