Falla Nou Campanar

"Whichever story"

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"Lives of other people. Fallas press".
"Fable goes, fable comes, if it's not a liea, it will be true. That this couple is living an special love story. They are front page celebrities as if the paparazzi would have catch them. They say that they work for Turista magazine but with Actualidad magazine have taken a photograph".

"This pair are full of stories, Actualidad and Turista don't stop complaining and protesting about everything. What the hell they protest if both compete for the market and leave the rests for others?.
And in the middle of this natural environment, cric-cric this story is telled, crac-crac the story is over".


"How to tell stories and earn a lot of money."
"Here we have in those times where the beast talked and the people say nothing, it's going to be organized a great business by four shrewd. They want to drive cars that expel many smoke and run very fast."


"A circuit for race cars in Cheste among all we had payed, but not happy with that, a new one they want.
And so they keep happy to their friends as a lot of money are going to earn, while the creator of the idea, Paco Camps smile happy in the pictures with all payed. "

Falla Nou Campanar

"And if someone gets off the circuit and crash, no excuses will be valid for him and six points of the driving licence will be take away, as 'picoletos' don't have mercy with all those who in the city drive fast".

"As whichever 'farruquitos', drivers will race fast in the streets and the authority will say nothing.
As children with new shoes, there will pass Alonso, Raikkonen and Hamilton with their 'mad' cars".



"An story as real as live. The insatiable Euribor."
"This is the story of an ogre that lived without worries because he knew that his subjects will support and feed him without complain. Everyone in that lands called him the insatiable Euribor."

"In that kingdom lived three little working pigs that saw how their salaries didn't get to feed the instiable Euribor. It doesn't mind if they were construction workers, uneployed or goverment employees, everyone to the monster had to pay".


"There were also couples as Little Red and the wolf that get married and they get a mortgage for life having to pay a lot to giant Euribor."


"Neither the autonomous worker scapes from the prssure of the ogre, the 'ugly duck' with many business debts have a difficult time."

Falla Nou Campanar

"and they were happy and ate .. rabbit. THE END".

"This is the story of a tale as real as life, from a place where all were under the tyranny of the ogre that day by day was bigger and bigger and that he finally will eat us".



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