The winner of 2009 was Falla of Nou Campanar by sixth consecutive year, with the same budget that the previous year, 900,000 Euros although throughout the year were many moments in which was doubted that the project was to be carried out due to the change of president of the falla and to the economic situation.

They also changed the artist who had worked in the five previous times. Julio Monterrubio counted with this incredible budget and two years of work to create a great falla, very innovating that did not leave indifferent anybody.


The Falla of Pilar secured the second prize with a newcomer artist to special section, Jose Lafarga. For many people the Falla of Pilar could perfectly have gained the first prize.


Pardoned Ninot was for the Falla Quart Palomar, for second time in history a category 1A Falla obtains the pardoned ninot , winning to the favorites of special. The traditional scenes continue being the favorites of the public.


The Falla of the city council was created by Pedro Santaulalia, the artist who had created the 5 winning Fallas of Nou Campanar. A pretty and graceful falla, although sometimes seemed that the great falla was the infantile one and infantile the great one.


The first prize of “talent and grace” was again for the Falla of Na Jordanan, that celebrated the 125 anniversary.


Falla Ayuntamiento

"Welcome home"

Animals arrive to their new home, Bioparc of Valencia, a five star hotel.

Nou Campanar - 1st Prize.

"This falla .. is made with lot of fabric"

The advances of the fashion and its innovations. Valencia is fashionable…

Pza del Pilar - 2nd Prize.

"A night in the opera"

The beautiful opera with Mozart and Verdi in top and the myth of the ghost of the opera, in the scene..

Convento Jerusalén - 3rd Prize.


Apology of Valencia and Fallas from the fallero point of view.

Exposición-Mascó - 4th Prize.

"Let's go party"

A route by the world of the celebration and other wild parties.

Cadarso-Altea - 5th Prize.

"Fasten your belts"

Travelling was only for people from rich countries, being Spain one of the typical destinations.

Na Jordana - 6th Prize.

"Pro Evolution fallas 2009"

Falleros know how to adapt to the changes at the world of fallas, like authentic chameleons.

Pizarro-Amorós - 7º Prize.

"Travel in time"

The inventor and scientist Cirilo Pizarro get ready to travel in the fantastic time machine.

Cuba-Azorín - 8th Prize.

"In the Falla you will see a pile of barbarisms"

A few Barbarians request turn to meet with a Barbarian who in the end is the one who rules.

Sueca-Azorín - 9th Prize.

"Was any past time… better?"

The time goes by inexorably for all and for everything. We always thought that any past time was better, but it is true?.

Regne de Valencia - 10th Prize.


Mytology, all the divine and human legends in the current society.

L'Antiga de Campanar - 12 Prize.

"Do tourism invading a country"

In vacations enjoy, travel and make tourism: invade a country, to any place, without mattering which are customs of the people living there.

Pza de la Merced - 13 Prize.

"Fashion show at Merced"

Fashion is fashionable.

Other fallas

Other section fallas. - Pardoned Ninot

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