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Winner of 2009 was children falla ofConvento Jerusalén , second prize was Sueca-Azorín and thrid Nou Campanar.

Pardoned ninot was for falla Regne Valencia.


Falla Ayuntamiento

"Valencia, 1909"

A tribute to the city of Valencia of 100 years ago, when the Regional Exhibition took place.

Convento Jerusalén - 1st Prize.

"Rebellion in the nursery"

The eventful journeys and adventures in an infantile nursery.

Sueca-Azorín - 2nd Prize.


Enigmatic word from which thousand suprises arise, thousand inexplicable facts that are called magic.

Nou Campanar - 3rd Prize.

"Si sol fa sounds good"

All a grand opera theater, from inside and outside.

Exposición-Mascó - 4th Prize.

"Land ho"

Dedicated to famous explorers or travellers, discoverers of lost places.

Cadarso-Altea - 5th Prize.


All the children are creative by nature and since the beginning they like to play to what will be when they grow up.

Regne Valencia - 6º Prize.

"How rich is to be poor" - Pardoned Ninot

The visit of an Infantile Fallera Mayor, and part of her honor court, to a country of the Third World.

Alameda-Av Francia - 7th Prize.

"By land, sea and air" 1st Talent and grace.

Throughout history the man has tried to dominate the four elements to secure speed and to surpass themselves.

Cuba-Azorín - 8th Prize.

"With the five senses"

The view, the ear, the sense of smell, the tact and the taste, with lot of humor.

Antiga Campanar - 10th Prize.

"How do you work?"

Explanation of how the human body works.

Na Jordana - 12th Prize.

"We also have made history"

The children were and are very important in the history of Fallas fiesta.

El Pilar - 13 Prize.

"The dream of a night of gifts"

Maridreams dreams awake.

Pizarro-Amorós - 14th Prize.

"Movies at home"

Light (from the screen), camera (web), action (inside the room).

Other fallas

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