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Falla Cadarso-Altea

"Fasten your belts"

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Prize:  5th special section.

Artist: Manuel Algarra.

Cost:   240.000 Euros.

Height:  20 metres.


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Travelling was only for people from rich countries, being Spain one of the typical destinations.

The European Union made us competitive, and Spaniards took advantage of it to travel in mass devastating all the destinies, always putting in the suitcase our folklore and idiosyncrasy.

By land, sea and air to the Spaniards we saw in the most exotic destinies... only remained us for the future a destiny to explore: the space tourism.

But with the arrival of the crisis, is necessary to express the brain to look for ways for keeping on traveling and saving in Euros: to use special tourist programs in fashionable beaches, to use the discount travels, etc.



"Amb-Assador (with spit) Gastronomical tourism".

Falla Cadarso-Altea


Falla Cadarso-Altea


"Fed up with design kitchen, we return to grandma's stews, more tasteful."

"It is known as trekking, to go on foot by the treks, are garlic sausages and ham, the reason for this snobbishness."


"Solbestour. Rural tourism for groups."

"Solbes is in charge to shepherd the sheep, who are the communities, demanding their part".

"The lambs, do not think about thin cows, comparing itself with the neighbors, when the distribution comes".

"If you find strange how look like, the lambs of this fair, flea kiss means, kukuxumusu in Navarre".


"It is necessary to distribute the forage, that to everyone seems little, and the wolf and the black sheep, want to skip the fence"

"Hiding 'Zapatero' in front of so much shit, staring the panorama, more shits 'caganer'"


Falla Cadarso-Altea

"Ibero JetSet"

Falla Cadarso-Altea

"Caspa cruceros (dandruff cruises)"


"The very discreet Cupid, in silence laughs, does not know if to take it as a joke, if it is abuse or wild"

"The duchess of the big cheeks, does not want to remain young, and has a fine fiancee , that pushes her the spool"


"In a very dandruff cruise, he takes advantage, with few Euros looks for a girl, finding them by pairs"


Falla Cadarso-Altea






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