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Falla Cuba-Azorín


"In the Falla you will see a pile of barbarisms"

Prize:  8th special section.

Artist: Juan Carlos Donet.

Cost:   180.000 Euros.

Height:  19 metres.


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A few Barbarians request turn to meet with a Barbarian who in the end is the one who rules.

"This falla is a barbarism, flood of barbarisms, that we have set up here, so that they are burned well".

Falla Cuba-Azorín


Falla Cuba-Azorín


Falla Cuba-Azorín



"A wheelbarrow needs the scholastic boy to wear the uniforms, the books, bonds for the dining room, bonds for the bus and the parents are left 'in balls'".

Falla Cuba-Azorín


"In wheelbarrow they take everything what they have commanded to them, to go to the school and not to finish burst."

"They must train to load the 'luggage' and to fight like sailors, against the traffic and the weather."

"For the children to go well equipped, their parents are fucked and undressed."

"Nor a penny has left to the ancestors to face the payments of materials and monitors."

"Books: an egg, uniforms: the other, meals and excursions: two kidneys, carriers to take the material to the school: lot of money, total: the ruin."


"The fault of all the falleros have"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Something we will have to do, since some neighbors have frightened to the fallero world."


"¡Ché! what atrocity , the rice has result a bit 'exploded' in the paellas contest"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Here we see the impotent cooker, the joke that they have spent to him, since because of a dirty trick, the rice has left him a little 'exploded'".



"Valencia souvenirs, 'cacaos' and tiger nuts included."

"The husband remains spellbound with the maps and monuments, while the woman tastes the 'chufa' spending crazy moments."

"The good salesman say goodbye to his new customer, who of the store leaves satisfied, after leaving the 'fabric'."

"Has denomination of origin this lavish citizen, that to the tourist has left a 'wonderful souvenir'."


A priest and his altar boy tries to surpass the crisis of weddings with special offers and gifts to the couples who dares to marry.

"Everything goes by the civilian and thus it is not possible to continue, for making them to pass by the church, no longer know what to invent."

"This couple is thinking about it, if it worths, if for saying yes they win a travel to the Sena"


"To the mayoress Rita Barberá no longer she has left site in her agenda for more events to celebrate in Valencia."

Falla Cuba-Azorín


"Terrific is the city with so many events, not leaving hours for the people to rest."

"If in Valencia you want something to celebrate, the turn you will have to ask."


The stressful port of the Formula 1, no body can fish any more.

"The man who wanted to fish, has in the meantime cleared him the peace,the motor noise that to the port has arrived."

"Even the fish they want to leave, to other calmer waters, where will be able to live peacefully, the fish and the eels."

"Leaving at full speed and without thinking it twice, everything for the Cup, the Formula and other extraordinary events."



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