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Falla Nou Campanar

"This falla .. is made with lot of fabric"

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Prize:   1st special section.
3rd prize Talent and Grace.

Artist: Julio Monterrubio.

Cost:   900.000 Euros.

Height:  28 metres.


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The advances of the fashion and its innovations. Three sensual carriers of the futurist fashion are exhibited happy and without complexes, in spite of their sizes, because the important is to feel beautiful. On a jewel exhibitor, fashion of haute couture, a romantic wedding suit and the futurist fashion.

The queue of the discounts, the revolt of the infantile fashion, brave little taylor, the uncontrol of the changing rooms, an authentic sewing machine and the problems of the fashion with the climatic change.

"Over the jewel exhibitor, three ladies crown the falla, shining amusingly their fat, because they do not concern the size "

"What extraordinary dress! they do not know what to invent! It is so strange and eccentric that seems of the sidereal space".


"In the catwalk 'fideuá', we found three models posing, already you see it. Watching the girls we appreciated that all seems vermicelli".
If in this catwalk you want to prevail and look like a top-model, of the soups of grandma you have to forget, and also of the doughnuts with chocolate".


Falla Nou Campanar




"Here you may see represented that the love is joy, since they are the enamored ones 'put in and take out' all the day".

".. and the thimble, very angry he ask himself very heartbroken: why by the ass they have given me... if i have not come out of the closet?".

Falla Nou Campanar

Romance of the thread and the needle


"Temporary exhibition: the innovations of the last century".

"A great tribute deserves the fashion and its innovations, beginning when appears the panty followed of slip modeling ..."

"Years later the woman wears the pants in house and she says to her husband: 'come on, cook the dinner'. The bikini arrives causing commotions and later, the jeans will cause rage in Europe."

"Advance the years and the hippie fashion shares first fruit with the mini skirt that to many men make feel sick. In the transition punks forms their 'militia' contrasting with the yuppies who gave envy."

"The millenium finishes and underground dominates the landscape, but to many this tendency do not mind at all, mainly if you have 'to put in' there a piercing or a tattoo, you undergo the last shout of this year that is the new thing."


Falla Nou Campanar

Panty for her?

Falla Nou Campanar

Jeans conquers us. Peace, love and mini skirt.

Falla Nou Campanar

Trousers for woman


Falla Nou Campanar

Yuppi world

Falla Nou Campanar

Hooked to piercing. The last shout.


Falla Nou Campanar

To lose the thread

"The wool is extracted of the ewe, from the head on the feet. Pure 'knit' with its pair and is not virgin the one that you see"

"To be pure is not fashionable, and it is not either Pepica, that even tanga is pleasant to her, because in it puts in 'there' to her"



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