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Falla Nou Campanar

"This falla .. is made with lot of fabric"

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"The tailor thinks very proud: what a dress, this it is too much, it would wear it, although they call me 'gay'".

"And the handsome fiancee shines deluded the model has been created for her. It is so precious that she is hypnotized, and forgets how much has cost".


"Our 'beloved' jury is represented by this tailor, who sometimes when measuring is an authentic disaster"


The changing rooms

"There is a place in the department stores that make us sweat.Here you you have.. the zone of changing rooms ".

"Here people go accelerated, the situation is horrible, much clothes are piled up, can be seen here a terrible uncontrol".

Falla Nou Campanar

musical wire

"He has a good work and it does not matter to him to do extra hours. Always works by piece as changer of ladies".

"In order to have the wife happy and thus to save its marriage, giving the clock is lamented: I am going to lose the patrimony!".


"The raincoat costs a lot, but little thinks to spent, in fact only uses to teach the 'small bird'".

"As his wife is a monument says: none will see you handsome. The jealous man passes it so badly, that with the tanga he get confused".

"When you leave the changing room in your face sees the result. If it does not fit to you, to the counter! because certainly you have gotten fat. If the model feels like a glove to you, to pay! ..and from there to the seventh heaven".



"He, awaiting like a sentry, listening 'i am almost done darling'... and one hour later she says to him: i am sorry.... i have taken just a little bit"

The sewing machine

"No matter how much the Chinese want to compete with their imitations, with this machine it is necessary to say: that they try it.. if they have bellboys".

"Fernanda Alonso 'he sewing machine': Expert in familiar trousseaus , has done the one of her 6 daughters and 17 granddaughters. From 0 to 100 jerseys in a day. Maximum speed in sewing machine: 500 stitch per minute. Consumption: Spanish omelet of many eggs ".

"Li Co Py. alias 'copyel': Chinese recordmen in purses of imitation of 'Tot-Ous', with 15 purses per hour. From 0 to 100 false t-shirts of 'Tomy Hilfiga' in a day. Maximum speed in sewing machine: 400 stitch per minute. Consumption: a handful of rice".


<---- Valencia is fashionable

"The model raises all the passions with that dress finely decorated, sewn with traditions and with our moon accompanied"

"Musical and very avant-garde, with an explosion of colors, has designed very well the seamstress, the land of my loves"

"Valencia is called the dress and certainly to anybody surprise, if we say that it has become the more glamurous of Spain"

Falla Nou Campanar


----> Court of underwear

"In this court criticism watching out of the corner of the eye, how the boy and the girl dress, because their bottom can be almost seen"

"They are scandalized, of that so bold clothes. Her underwear is more appropriate, because it last all the life"

"This man so smartly turned up they are trying to annoy. They say that he seems effeminate, because he wears lace edging up to the ears"

"As this court does not have patience, the resolution already has been taken, they sign in the sentence: Virgin of the helpless... the youth is lost!"




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