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Falla Infantile Antiga de Campanar

"How do you work?"

Artist: Sergio Amar.

Prize: 5tth special section.


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Show the children the application of the Maths in an funny way in many aspects of our daily life.


"Marta is studying all evening at home because from now until two days she has a very important examination of mathematics. Although she has paid attention in class and she has been doing the homework of the day, is nervous because she does not understand some of the problems that will be in the examination. ".

"But.... a noise feels suddenly! and of one of her books of mathematics appears a woman who speaks to Marta and introduce herself, is Hipatia the first mathematical woman of history and of a simple way is going to help her to understand mathematics".

Falla Antiga de Campanar


"Throughout history there have been women who in spite of the adverse conditions where they lived (family, society, religious imposition.) have developed their passion: the study of the mathematics".

"Hipatia of Alexandria was one of the first women of the history that contributed to the development of the mathematics and astronomy. She was born in Alexandria, Egypt in year 370. She was professor of the school of Alexandria".

"Hipatia became one of the best scientists and philosophers of her time, scholar of a knowledge that the Christians identified with the paganism and therefore, they persecuted".



"Geometry is the branch of the mathematics that studies the properties and the measures of the figures in the plane or the space."

"The word geometry derives from the Greek 'geo' land and 'meteon' measured."

"Many of the things that we used or we eat in our daily life have geometric form"

"The Egyptians were very good mathematicians. The pyramids are an example of their geometric knowledge "



"The human being has had the necessity to conduct mathematical operations more and more fast and easily. Until the arrive of the modern computers many things have passed that we can summarize in: stones, fingers, abacus, paper and pencil and calculator".

"Fingers, stones. The primitive human being began to calculate with that more close to them: the fingers and later happened to count with stones. The word calculation derives from the Latin 'calculus' that means stones".

"The abacus was the first manual device for calculation . It is considered the Chinese as the inventors of the abacus, although there are indications that in Babylon (3500bc) had some similar thing".

"Paper and pencil. With the translation in century XII of the works of the brilliant mathematician al-Jwarizmi (from its name it derives the word algorithm) introduced in Europe the indoarabic system of numeration and its procedures of calculation".

"The calculator. Leonardo da Vinci was one of first in trying to construct a calculation machine. Nevertheless was Pascal, in the century XVII that was able to construct it when it was only 19 years old".


Falla Antiga de Campanar


"Arithmetic is the science that studies the numbers and their operations. Arithmetic means art of calculating".

"Our system of numeration was born in India towards century V. We know it with Arabic names due to the fact that it was through the Arabs as it were introduced in the West ".

"The zero also count. Inventing a 'thing' to represent 'nothing' is not as easy as it seems. The invention of the zero Hindu has allowed us to write enormous numbers and to make the calculations easiest ".

Falla Antiga de Campanar

Music and mathematics. Pitágoras was the creator of the mathematical theory of music. 'The sound produced by the pulsation of a cord depends on the length of this' ".



Falla Antiga de Campanar

"did you know that when you are playing chess or checkers you are training in mathematics?".

Falla Antiga de Campanar

"TDo the bees understand of mathematics?. The bees are great mathematics. They construct the cells of the honey with hexagonal form. The nature is wise and this is a sample of its power".

"The unique regular polygons that can be fitted without forming useless spaces are the triangle, square and the hexagon. Of these three, given a same perimeter, the hexagon includes the maximum of possible area".



"Many mathematicians have studied how to represent the Earth surface in a plane. Very complicated task since it is almost spherical and therefore cannot be turned into a plane"

Falla Antiga de Campanar

"In the 240bc Erathostenes measured the Earth circumference with a great exactitude using the shade of a wood"

Falla Antiga de Campanar


"The dices. If you throw a dice you have the same probability of obtaining a one or a six."

"Have you thought sometimes that the sum of the opposed faces of a dice adds seven? That is thus so that all the faces of the dice have the same probability "



Falla Antiga de Campanar

Full Moon

"To be a good sailor you have to know how of astronomy, since it is the unique form to orient yourself in the sea if the new technologies fail."

" Why changes the moon?. The moon has a movement of transfering around the Earth and takes about 28 days in giving a complete turn around. This movement causes that the aspect of the moon changes every day and originates the four phases of the moon. In fact what it changes is the part of the moon that, illuminated by the sun, can be seen from the Earth."



"During many years the mathematicians, the physicists and the astronomers were the same, since all had an ample knowledge of the three sciences."

"Galileo invented the telescope with which supported the theory of Copérnico. The planets turn around the sun."

Falla Antiga de Campanar

Declining moon

Falla Antiga de Campanar

New Moon


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