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Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The family Scale"

Artist: José Latorre y Gabriel Sanz.

Cost:   160.000 Euros.

Height:  17 metres.

Prize:  10th special section.


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A well known middle-class family of the Victorian England of the end of the 19th century.

From the top of the family ladder, Mr and Mrs Scale Skala contemplate with pride how important is having a family.

"Wellcome to the Scala family mansion, showing us their condition of being all ' a bit crazy'"

"When the fathjer and Elsa and thir sons start working, the rivasl,whinning, will begin to tremble"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The grandfathers, heads of the company, show us the family pride of this big english family, that here comes to show off"


John and Katherine Scale looking after their second son Charles S III are witnesses in firt person of the lively precociousness of the youngest.


The great-grandfather Madam Anne Scale, deaf of the left ear, does not reach to understand the shouts of the small Arthur, displeased by the damages suffered of his preferred toy, the hobbyhorse of wood.

"One more in the family"

"The grandparents are showing the doll of the little girl, that here is crying as they have mess things up for her".

"The grandparents, thinking that the doll is the child, left the little girl without her preferred toy".

"Every birth produces elation, there is not joy that can compare, but if the kids give happiness... tell that to this mother!".



Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The falla family"

"<---Many times the fallero, that special guy, wants the chats to do, at the doors of the falla house".

"<---What should do the neighborhood if in fallas cannot sleep? leaving the fallero bathed and besides run him down!".

"----> Social security would probably want this special doctor, that kills the illness".

"----> This familiar doctor, is one of those who causes horror, pues, what can you wait of Jack the ripper?".

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Family doctor"



Falla Cuba-Azorín

"One member more in the family".

"<--A 'member' more in the family consoles every wakefulness".

"<---The spare of the Mister, is this dildo".

"<---The new member only vibrates, causes sprinkles all the fiber".

"----> May be it is a good idea, even if the word is complicated, and at the end Ikea comes, to put us the table".

"----> For saving some money, all toward Ikea in route, the woman just as spent it, also underneath she enjoys it ".

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The Ikea family".



Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The Santaeulalia family".

"<---The famous family Santaeulalia set up a pile of fallas, with a full show".

"----> The large family is found here in full action, and the pitiful mother, does not endure more so much mess".

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The large family".


"The other Scale family"

"There is other Scale family that here are posing for a portrait , is formed by dogs, parrots and cats".

"The photographer prepare the photo of the animals, and if he compares them with the masters, who are more rationals?".



"Family ties"

"The family always have a tie with a black sheep"

"Here they are well photographed, the tie and the black sheep"


"In-laws family"

"The two children of this couple are Leire Pajín and Camps, that are always suing and having a blazing row".

"Is th ein-law family of Zapatero and Rajoy, are atypical descendants, that never will get along with themselves".



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