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Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Confidence we can give you, but..."

Artist: Fede Ferrer.

Cost:   150.000 Euros.

Height:  16 metres.

Prize:  9th special section.


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Confidence we can give you, but you should not abuse. All with moderation is good and is well, until begins abusing.

When there are excesses of confidence, and do the things rudely, without considerations. Taking adventage of the grandparents for looking after our children. The children take adventage of the grandparents to play more dirty tricks than in their homes.

"Grandpas take care of the grandsons, those fierce of hell who are these seven children. They never stop, are not quiet! This house is a hell!"

"Is a general abuse that is done with the grandpas, some help is not bad, but the grandparents don't need any more to bring up another one"



Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Union of the grandparents with desire o fhaving fun. It does not happens anything by remaining a Saturday at home with your children. The parents already took care of of you, cheeky devil!"

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Although she is well small, it is said that she is worth by two, and although fortunately she dones not walk, easily you can see she is not scared of the dog"

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"This old toy pleases the boy more than any other, because although it is old. you ask who is more beautiful? and it always says to you: you-you-you..."



Mortgage Abuses

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"The man goes well loaded, well loaded with punishments! , because besides unemployed, now finally he has been united to the population of 'crisis'".

Fallas Abuses

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Some that go to far are the parents of the court, people that go by the falla, because they are divine".

"The girl is overwhelmed when seeing the abuse of the parents. And seeing the treat of this wild people,confuses the photographer ".


Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Today the children abuse with the damned little machine, but they will be very quiet and they will show satisfied in front of the 'cheperudeta'".

"The girl is impatient, another stop in the offering! The atmosphere is being warmed up, because already the Full Moon appears, and may be even dawn!".


Falla Exposición-Mascó

"This is the most anxious, always is making an spectacle of himself. To grandpa has upset till he says to him: Che boy, stops bothering with the ball".


Falla committee abuses

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"The man is happy, with his daughter by the arm, because no matter how hard he has watched her, not a defect has found, may be a bit big the nose".

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"The prettiest fallera, says to the gentleman president, to the graceful Pepica. But the man is not a lunatic one, he is the father of the girl ".


Abuses of the esthetic surgery

"In order to not suffer never more an attack in the scales , they will take away all the weight, of course, of the pockets, the other nothing don't mention it".

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Looking for a solution to get rid of its evil, after a liposuction, they place a ball, gastric ball to him"

Abuses in the school

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"In the school the strong is the one who more usually abuses, and threatens to the poor of the smallest of robbing the food"

"Here the smallest rules over all, all the week does what he desires, or else the war will begin "


Abuse of the pills

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"This one has abused a lot, and not only of the tablets, because so stoned is him, that he even drank the water of the vase"

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"This everybody knows, all the farmer fertilizes, and now he has used the head, because in a good day, has taken enormous... turnip"

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Grandma has been confused, and instead of cookies, she has eaten the pills"


Abuse of steroids

Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Some do not know what they do with the cult to the body, because are so inflated, that I am about to bite them, because they seem croisant"



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