Winner of 2011 was falla Convento Jerusalén by aritst Pedro Santaeulalia. With a similar level in several fallas due to self-imposed limited budget of 190,000 euros, this year's competition was closer than ever. The spending limit was noted in fewer scenes from around the fallas, but won with great equality and quality of major failures Special.


Cadarso-Altea falla was the second prize, with a falla filled with familiar characters and scenes done in great detail, in a very characteristic work of Manuel Algarra. This falla also had the pardoned ninot. Nou Campanar remains in third place with a great work of Miguel Santaulalia.


Falla Cadarso-Altea won the third prize with a great jump ahead in the quality of the falla, and following with the artist of the last years, Manuel Algarra. This falla had many ninots depicting famous people and full of criticism, pleased everybody.

This year, during the days of the setting up of fallas there was very bad weather with rain and wind, some fallas were damaged, but many times the damage was repaired athe the moment.


Our favorites were the fallas of Cadarso and Convento.


The first prize of "talent and grace" was the falla Convento Jerusalen, secondfor Cadarso and third for Na Jordana, unlike any other falla.


Falla Ayuntamiento

"Valencia, year-round sport"

In recognition of and by reason of having been designated the city of Valencia in 2001 the European Capital of Sport.

Convento Jerusalén - 1st Prize.

"The hunter hunted" 1st Talent and grace.

The man believes a higher being entitled to dispose of other species of animals at will. The animals rebel and become the hunter in hunted.

Cadarso-Altea - 2nd Prize.

"Forbidden fruit"2nd Talent and grace.

Eve was tempted in the Garden of Eden by the serpent who gave her an apple promising that humans would be as gods. She ate and that is how new temptations appeared.

Nou Campanar - 3rd Prize.


The falla has organized a casting, may participate in all who wants to. Everyone will find their role in the great circus in the world.

Cuba-Azorín - 4th Prize.

"On a brave face"

Thor the god of weather, over the rainbow threat goddess Iris. It is the desperate fight to end the crisis that never ends.

L'Antiga de Campanar - 5th Prize.

"The black arts"

The black arts of the world and now, exposed with wit and humor.

Pza del Pilar - 6th Prize.

"A lifetime"

From the starting point of a life that is motherhood going through the different stages of evolution in the life of a person.

Exposición-Mascó - 7th Prize.

"Pepito's farm"

Animals and humans are struggling to survive in the midst of this crisis, which is no stranger the City of Valencia, media and Pepito's farm.

Na Jordana - 9th Prize.

"See you in hell" 3rd Talent and grace.

All that we are not good we will end up in hell and meet there.

Regne de Valencia - 10th Premio.

"We have go out of mind;"

The master of ceremonies gives the Justice, the highest bidder of a clientele that includes judges, lawyers and prosecutors.

Sueca-Azorín - 11th Prize.

"Today's Pest"

At the time of Pharaonic Egypt, Yahweh, the God of Israel, sends plagues to punish to the oppressive.

Pza de la Merced - 12nd Prize.

"Fallas... the musical"

Valencia and the Valencian people loves music and has great tradition and musical culture.

Other fallas of category 1st A

Fallas of the category 1st A, the silver category.

Other fallas

Fallas of other categories.

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