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The winner of 2012 was the infantile falla Nou Campanar . Second for Sueca-Azorín and third for Exposición-Mascó with a falla that was a carousel with moving and highly oriented for children.

Pardoned ninot was for falla Na Jordana.

Our favourites were Nou Campanar and Exposición.



Falla Ayuntamiento

Long life La Pepa!.

Second anniversary of the first Spanish Constitution, known as "La Pepa" because it was approved the day of San Jose in 1812.

Nou Campanar - 1st Prize.

"Carousel of emotions"

Emotions are present in our lives and play an important role in building our personality.

Sueca-Azorín - 2nd Prize.

"Baby boom 1912"

A century ago in the maternity hospital the parents and grandparents view how the family grew, as they have had sextuplets.

Exposición-Mascó - 3rd Prize.

"Cotton candy" 2nd prize in Talent and grace.

What most children like is going to the fair, but when arriving to the merry-go-round some have a very good time and some not.

Cuba-Azorín - 4th Prize.

"The history is fashionable"

The three brothers had taken from the trunks of the family old clothes, fabrics and utensils to play dress up her sister.

Convento Jerusalén - 5th Prize.

"Night Nr2"

The moon shines at the end of the cycle with white light, but what about the other side? What happens on the far side of the moon?.

Cadarso-Altea - 6th Prize.

"The children want"

Do you want to know the desires of our children? Would you be able to join us on a journey through time to the magnificent golden age of arts and letters? .

Regne Valencia - 7th Prize.

"I'm having a little brother" 1st prize in Talent and grace

Mom says that soon i will have someone to play with, and if all goes well, in a few months my new little brother will be born.

Na Jordana - 8th Prize.

"It is no accident"

Recreation from the point of view of children,of the most unique activities organized annually by Falla Na Jordana.

Antiga Campanar - 9th Prize.

"Animal" 3rd pirze in Talent and grace.

Multicellular living being, generally endowed with motion and sensibility, which feeds on other living things.

Other Fallas of 1st Section

Fallas of 1st Section, the silver category for infantile fallas.

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Fallas of other categories.

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