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Falla Cuba-Azorín


Artist: Pere Baenas.

Cost:   200.000 Euros.

Height:  23 metres.

Prize:  2nd Special section.


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"The flowers are trying united to awake spring and thus return the forest to life".

"If you express your love, tell it with flowers, is as natural as is the anniversary, a birth or a funeral.
Singular battle of the flowers with the PP beating PSOE. A botanical garden where Merkel teaches a lesson of European cut. "

"When March arrives throughout the forest sounds a desire of leaving the darkness, but spring is lazy and seems not to feel the clamor. Awake now Spring! don't you hear the sound of your flowers? They want, after a long cold wait, bring you perfumes and scents.

Finally comes the reward for the effort, the much desired and expected end, where return the vivid colors of a world, not of a dream but real, where the protagonists are the flowers ....in our falla... FLOREAL!. "






"Botanists have planted flowers everywhere, from all over the world, but this is unique and will be famous because it is a fallas botanical garden.
We have very special varieties, we sow because they were great. With humor have been fertilized and with your smiles will be irrigated."

"Wet area"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The 'Poppy' very thirsty, anxious, have found the gardener and with no wait, cornered the poor, all burning, because they want to suck his 'hose'"

"Dry area"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Mr Cactus that live in the dry zone, can not remember what means to 'drunk'. And of course, look like you put the willy after seeing the orchid dance. Mamma Mia! What a Brazilian orchid! if i get closer, will i have a chance?. But she responds honestly: 'if you don't shave i will leave you planted' "

"Hot zone"

Falla Cuba-Azorín



Falla Cuba-Azorín

Common Name. Cactus. Scientific name: Cactus getbonerum.
habitat: Grows in arid zones, where he rarely gets wet. upkeep: ocasional risk.

Common Name. Orquidia. Scientific name: Orquidiae heaterum.
habitat: Lives in humid areas and makes growin the 'members' around it. upkeep: enjoys partying."


Falla Cuba-Azorín

common Name. Poppy. Scientific name: Poppy semper erectus.
habitat: Grow near fountains (better if they have a good spout). upkeep: water continuously, because 'suck' a lot of water.

common Name. The grass plant. Scientific name: Grass Joint getstoned.
habitat: Wherever, but well hide. upkeep: Hide from the cold and the police."

"Smokers zone"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Without moving the wings I'm flying, it is better than staying with bee Maya. what a 'joint' i am smoking ... This is grass! ... and not the Mestalla"




Falla Cuba-Azorín

"These Andalusian are examples of joy, and with their art all day dance Sevillanas. drink a cup that manzanilla cheer you the body! Because i am already drunk, with my seven glasses of wine"


Falla Cuba-Azorín

common Name. carnation. Scientific name: carnation typical spaniourm ole!.
habitat: Grow mainly in stalls, tablaos, and other soirees. upkeep: surround them with people and good ambient.

common Name. Fleur de Lis. Scientific name: Aristocratis corny.
habitat: In lush gardens and sumptuous palaces and avoid contact with other species of lesser category. upkeep: transplanting them have a lot of view because they hate economy class."

"Upscale area"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The flowers of the highest areas in this garden are the Lis. Always thin, cheesy and drawn ... even when they go to pee! "




Falla Cuba-Azorín

common Name. Lotus Flower. Scientific name: Bonolotus euromillions.
habitat: Grow in bars, lottery and coupons booths. upkeep: will 'wither' your wallet if you abuse watering.

common Name. lavender. Scientific name: the-band festerum musicalis.
habitat: Occupy the open spaces in the end of the winter, for example in Valencia, Burriana or Torrent. upkeep: watering with lot of .... Valencia water."


Falla Cuba-Azorín

"We also have flowers with our essence 'Lavender' music and 'Lavender' Fallas, which show the best of Valencia with a first class parade. Because there is no greater honor for a Valencian that parade with her band all week. With strains of the anthem, Valencia and The Fallero, the musicians playing trumpets, drums and clarinet."


Falla Cuba-Azorín



"Picnic area"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Margarito has to pee and choose this plant so rare. She thinks 'I have already prepared a snack, yum, yum ... another banquet by the face.' His master can not believe Margarito is not by her side and do not know that he will be seen again when the plant has shat "


Falla Cuba-Azorín

common Name. carnivorous Plant. Scientific name: Planctum greedy carnivorum.
habitat: Near-rich soils rich in organic matter, rich, rich .. and with basis!. upkeep: Do not ever turn your back on her."



"Tell it with flowers"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Amador comes to manly time and at the time of his funeral the situation did not end badly .. but worse. He was a Don Juan and wife and lover meet, bouquets and wreaths will be arsenal, to a floral duel of deceived ."


Falla Cuba-Azorín


"Before listening to the symphony 'Floral' we show, gentlemen spectators, part of the rehearsal with the musicians and the great chorus of flowers"

"Come on! let's see if it turns out at the first attempt and it shows we've been rehearsing, remember we started singing together ... Wake up, wake Spring."



Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Guess guess, ... who will play the music in the falla? Come on, we weill give you a clue. They play especially at night and play his 'tiresome' little song always starts with a 'cri cri cri'.
Who are they? The Crickets.
But this is a special band, 'The gallant night' are called and with the floral choir a beautiful symphony premieres today ".



"Pollination of Malba"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Do you know what is pollination? This couple shows the enigmatic moment, in a separate block characteristic of a documentary of 'National Geographic'. Cayetana with open legs in her bed is in the prime of lifeand is in heat. She wants Alfonso to pollinate her tonight and leave her 'Malba' skin deep"

"Alfonso does not know how to pollinate, has many springs that 'Malba'. This situation has to study and at least not until the dawn. The duchess is 'super-duper' operated, and of course, where can be her flower? As her skin is so stretched, will be through the navel or below the chin? "


Falla Cuba-Azorín


"European Lesson of pruning and trimming"

"Brussels Schools
'Lesson of pruning and trimming in Europe 'is not a subject very nice, but if also ... like to these boys, the teacher is Merkel .. is fucking hard. These students have gone to the recovery by not having none of them the homework well done, because with the money from every nation .. have behaved like children. She points as a good example to Germany and threatening, 'if not pass my lessons i'll throw from class to Italy, Greece and Spain, because i am of them ... up to the hilt! "

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Nicolas Sarkozy is the Associate Professor and advises recovery students that if they don't really want to try the scissors never told not to the teacher. "

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The Spanish, with treasured sports trophies, serves but does not recover his plant. Should move from this teacher and learn from the 'economist' husband of the Infanta"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The Italian boy, a 'bambino' very festive, his plant does not have much joy and says, 'I with this ragazza do not understand. porca squaretti head! is worse than mia mamma ."

"The Greek, the most rebellious student attends no explanation but a 'bailout' has already eaten. Spend a lot, does not learn the lesson, this child Merkel has aimed"


"The hanging gardens"

"One of the seven wonders of antiquity were 'The Hanging Gardens of Babylon', but in our falla have become 'The hanging gardens ... of Aunt Antonia '. See that balcony, how many flowers. But for the neighbors are a danger, because when watering them causes mascletá and all protest saying her: 'Water your pussy .. that for sure is a jungle too ' "

"Who uses water for showering is Don Florencio Gay, the flower of the neighborhood. lives in the first A and do not know how to behave whenever he sees the 'plant' next door "

"The strongman neighbor of the first B is Don Bernardo Cipote Real, unmistakable neighborhood because has ...colossal failure. From the balcony on the first he criticizes Ms. Antonia angry, not to throw so much water into the street, because his 'nard' has flooded "

"The lady of the second C is the dry Agony Thistle, because with that face she has, a thistle can only be ugly and 'distressing'. She moves away from the character of Antonia, look at her with nothing of grace and wit, and stingy with the water ... if she seems from Catalonia! "


"The battle of flowers"

"It could not be otherwise, if we talk about flowers in Valencia, the most striking scene had to be the ultimate battle. A battle that for once notdispute in hot July, but is resolved in November, with a shocking result "

"Zapatero wants to leave fleeing from the battle without fighting. Before they send him to hell is going on vacation ...for never to return."

"Vultures Cayo Lara and Rosa Díez, sniffing that the in left would be a disaster, fly over the chariot thinking that now sting many votes without any obstacle."



"Not even in the worst case expected to get such a big defeat. But Rubalcaba colleagues have chosen to return to pull the chariot. "

"And the left has been defeated, and in it many have lost their 'gigs'. in battle could not make war because they have been towed by a donkey. This defeat has no palliative. Only remains preparing new ammunition to fight the new government, facing them with a good opposition."

"Chacon see the fight with indifference and after she was defense minister. She wanted to put socialism to attention and not to be chosen was an offense."



"Pepe Blanco is in a corner thinking, 'from minister to use the broom, and with all the shit that lies ahead, I think I'm not .. the 'champion' who i was'."

"Bono, seeing that the battle is black, try to 'fertilize' new flowers. will grow 'Roses' more wisely? .. or 'buds' losers?. "



Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Is very happy Maria Dolores de Cospedal, and cheese launches, how she enojoys the party!. If you have to throw flowers of Castilla she would have a problem, and of course, is not going to throw Iniesta."

"The gulls float is by absolute majority, the more pompous and arrogant in this battle of flowers. Captain of the galleon Mariano Rajoy, victorious, 'enjoy' seeing that his henchmen are the winners. Sailing the sea at full speed, but they have a scene ... it's not an easy thing!."

"Here we see Gallardón very focused, his dedication has not a 'but'. Left the town hall 'Bottled' to be the minister more 'avenging'."

"Marshal Rajoy is well supported by Soraya. His girl, a top militia is the second on board, and how has climbed! This woman talking ... is a beast."



"Captain Rajoy is full of happiness and sail enjoying the breeze. Showing the smile of Mona Lisa, thinks about a cutted future."

"'Marga-Rita' uniformed fallera in the fight does not stop at the turret. She has joined the battle to be the 'troublemaker' and therefore has seized the machine gun."




Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Short-lived flower"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The eternal love between the bee and the flower nature never will allow it, and their encounter, but with innocence, is destined to be a short-lived flower."


"Flowers of the world"

"Five flowers symbolize our planet, a world created for our enjoyment. A land that we have known green and clean and we have degraded with our attitude.
Some evil insects want to conquer the land and other defend us from spills and destruction. If contamination wins the war, sure will be our undoing. "

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The 'ladybird-clean spots' desperate and clean with the broom. 'Cheer up! friends, this is done. How is everything! What a shame!. There is no right for this and even many people take this as a joke. "

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The 'cockroach-stain' not mind appearing in the newspapers by spilling oil into the ocean and it is clear that doesn't mind how much costs to clean the 'shit'."



Falla Cuba-Azorín

"No doubt the more irritating insect is the 'oil beetle'. 'Throwing tar is a delight, another flower that I've wrecked!, As was the sea of Galicia and still has not recovered.'"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"A great light has left stunned this kamikaze 'Atom Ant'. 'Turn off the light that hurts me, or you will repent. Already muddle up in the center of Fukushima and now i am going for Cofrentes.'"

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The 'Firefly' fight nuclear power by another as solar. Take this light of renewable energy, not like yours that uses plutonium, a component unhealthy, who was created by devil himself."



Falla Cuba-Azorín

"On greenhouse gases is the scene and its protagonist, the 'gas Amantis'.' Friends, release CO2 until you drop! Sure they will soon drown, our goal is to pollute the atmosphere and these butterflies will not make us to stop."

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"This group of 'flea' have a lot of nerve. Pollute without restraint with the bike and don't care about the planet health .. don't care about Kyoto commitment."

Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The 'butterflies' with their wings moving, energy in eolian is being transformed.' Don't stop the wind, come on! with energy!. That will choke on their gas so harmful, otherwise if we don't end up with them someday will not dwell on Earth any living "



Falla Cuba-Azorín

"The 'grasshopper' wants to leave the flower and the forest charred. 'I'm a pyromaniac, the king of fire. With a powerful flamethrower i swept the forest anywhere happily.'"

"The 'termitetor' armed with a chainsaw is also willing to make war. 'cutting down is an irresistible pleasure, I always do piecework and assure you there will be neither a 'stem' as long as I have fuel."

"as an emergency helicopter to the forest, this flower has its own hero. 'Dragonfly' is a machine fighting the fire, if you don't pay attention will extinguish your own kitchen"





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