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Falla Nou Campanar

"with what we have been"

Artist: Miguel Santaeulalia.

Cost:   400.000 Euros.

Height:  20 metres.

Prize:  1st special section.


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"In a mansion of the nineteenth century Victorian England a noble family tries to deal with your crisis.

All for maintaining social status, economics and possessions of those times. We lived beyond our means and now we suffer the consequences.

Represents the society of the current crisis through these quirky characters. The crisis of Christian values, the economic crash the eternal retirement and a very special wedding. "

"In our falla says the artist, is represented the class feeling that can not keep the breed when of course, there is a lack of money "

"The English noble family is selling their oldest possessions, before losing their pants."






"The pigeons leave"

"We see here a noble family, with the crisis they left to go into town and have to sell the mansion to someone with money"


"When they appeared with a lot of money, bought everything fast, and they gets accustomed in a flash, to buy their seeds in the Consum "




"The garden of love"

"Love has triumphed without deception, in this wedding of the year? With brainless and unemployed man, the cheerful duchess married her body"

"Paparazzi cupid laugh aboard while the ancestors say, how we got to this point? With what we have been!"

Falla Nou Campanar

"With what were you and me in happier times..."

"Today everything is wrong, you have become ugly and old, and I have caged the bird "



"The cuisine in the world"

"To save the situation, in common meeting everyone will make an interesting proposal. It will be a sacrifice but together we will overcome! Today we eat anti-crisis menu to leave the vice of unemployment and distress "

Falla Nou Campanar

"The American chef is not hungry and from the beginning is very clear to him, the European Union ruin with my food"





"Menu Frank-German. Today: two-sided menu, Europe soup without giblets"

"Passion Turkish Menu. Menu of the Arabian Nights with two candles."

"Menu Old England, oh my god. Diet ass in pomp and circumstance. Today: Menu royal weddings and scandals to the old rule"

"East Menu. Today: A menu that makes cold, i quit from here."

"Mediterranean diet menu. Today: menu I was born here and screwed up, in the Mediterranean."

"Menu USA (and throw). Fast food full of calories, get fat, sick and contagious. Today: Menu Uncle Sam is over."


"The apple foul"

"Look at the evolution of the apple, sin, perversion, sodomy. The evils through history that corrupted man and woman and left them without glory "

Falla Nou Campanar

"As much as i look i can not understand it, I shit on everything!"

Falla Nou Campanar

"Doesn't matter how much i think of it, the weight creates gravity"



Falla Nou Campanar

"William Telly Bautista.Tithe for me, ten for me, everything for me!"

Falla Nou Campanar

"Do you eat the apple? An unoriginal sin, that did us much evil"


"with what we have been..."

"Thoroughbred horses were, everyday wine great reserve, but life got murky and Tang juice drink now "

"Today could be the day that is over our evil and it's hard to earn a wage, we will see whose turn it ... the big one of Christmas! "

"I think: pito, pito, gorgorito, which is the most beautiful horse that will have the pleasure and fame, to be ridden by the fat lady? "


"With what I was and now I can not retire!"

"This is the sad and demented story of a man with surname of great lineage, who lost his memory wokring and where his family seized his baggage.
When he was young man could not study as he had to bring food home. Progressed much in life and a great ambassador he was appointed. And he never was able to rest and everything was working and working, and now they say him he can not retire! "








"This cemetery is a mystery"

"This cemetery is all a dark mystery.
Here lie the remains of those who were smarter, succeeded in life and to be immortal, the money spent.
That has helped me see now, if I am now here with what I have been? "



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