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Falla Regne Valencia

"The superfalla"

Artist: Sergio Musoles.

Cost:   110.000 Euros.

height:  16 metros.

Prize:  9th Special section. 3rd Talent and grace.


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Evil Dr. Krisis ravaging and destroying the city with the help of undesirable trol Atur. Rescuing the city comes a great superhero Captain Falleribus and his assistant Turyana.

They fight against evil hordes of the crisis, unemployment, trash TV, the loss of values, the lurking fear, corrupt politics and defending the good sport and fallas.



Captain Falleribus.

Name: Captain Falleribus

Public identity: His real name is Fallas Party.

Mission: save Valencia from the crisis and bring happiness and joy to the city.

Villains: Complaints from neighboring. Dr Krisis. Atur the Trol. Cuts in subsidies for the monument. Workshops to throw Trons de Bac"



Turyana, the goddess.
Name: Turyana, goddess of Túria.
Public identity: spirit of art and tradition.
Mission: Accompanying Captain Falleribus and fallas to save Valencia
Villains: Politicization of the party. Antifalleros. Intolerant with fallas. Falleros of quota. Festers of tent and drinks. Dr Krisis. Atur the Trol. "

Dr Krisis.
Name: Doctor Krisis.
Public identity: Economic crisis that is screwing us.
Mission: Destroy the life of Valencians, with defaults, foreclosures, cutbacks, unemployment and despair. And fuck the world of fallas.
Allieds: Banking. Governments. Botín ruffian banker. Atur the Troll. "



Atur (unemployment), the Troll.
Name: Atur the Troll.
Public identity: General-in-chief of Dr Krisis army and and director of Inem (employment agency).
Mission: Wreak havoc firing workers and leaving them unemployed.
Allieds: The new labor reform. 'ERE' the destroyer. The Insolvency Act. Employers. Government."

"Has great power mercenary, here Atur the Troll, that the worker fucks! captivating the employer. "



"The great cutter"

Falla Regne Valencia

"Mariano superscissors, in order to raise cash is cutting a lot, so do not cry, or quickly bring the knife"

The great trimmer.
Name: Great trimmer.
Public identity: Mariano Mariano. President of the government.
Mission: Mariano was so quiet until one day he won the election, he was appointed president, and begins to cut state spending as if there were no tomorrow. And the fact is he continues with that, just does not exist.
Powers: Talking strangely, 'mire ushté'. Beating Rubalcaba "

The Thing.
Name: The Thing.
Public identity: Soraya Gamusino. DNI: Paco Martínez.
Powers: As power, he can wear a bikini, partying with tight dress and wear Victoria's Secret lingerie. Another thing is how fills it and whith what.
Weapons: Bring surprise. The doctor forgot to cut the 'balls' "

"The Thing".

Falla Regne Valencia

"There it remains, because the doctor does not cut"



Falla Regne Valencia

The Coast Guard.
Name: Coast Guard.
Public identity: Queco jones kete (whothe fuckthat).
Mission: Scratching the eggs on the beach.
Powers: have controlled all of the girls of the beach and classify them according to their chest circumference. Telescopic eyes.
Weapons: Beer freezer. "

The Traveller (the 'transvestiter').
Name: The Traveller.
Public identity: Pedrito García.
Public identity: 'Pelito' the queen of the night.
Powers: Becoming by night in a show of women.
Weapons: MegaWig of colors.Feather boa. Glitter lipstick. Playbacks of Sara Montiel. It makes the income tax return "

"The Traveller".

Falla Regne Valencia




Falla Regne Valencia

"With great power comes great responsibility"

"The x-men are a gang and you may see, very well endowed, when they get excited, these four are amazing "

Name: Blunderbuss.
Public identity: Nacho Vidal, porn actor.
Mission: Control his power to fly and make women fly.
Powers: 25 centimeters....
Weapons: That piece of Blunderbuss.
Weak point: He has no weak point, he has a weak tip. "

Miss Valencia.
Name: Miss Valencia.
Public identity: President of the Federation of neighbors and her estate
Mission: She was so quiet walking down the street until the falleros came to save her from the clutches of Dr Krisis. And she denounced for scandal, for closing the street, for setting up the tent, for setting up a falla, for throwing firecrackers, for installing a churros stall, for hanging artistic lighting, for making noise, for not letting the cars pass, for .. "

"Miss Valencia"

Falla Regne Valencia


"The Superfamily"

"The modern Superfamily has many superpowers, is a very special group, prepared for many tasks"

Falla Regne Valencia

"The Granny invisible. She is only audible, as the Granny is invisible"

"The Granny invisible.
Name: Granny invisible.
Public identity: Eustaquia, Quiquet's granny, Marieta's mother and mother in law of Eugenio.
Powers: She sits on the couch and it's as if she were not there. Just find her if she gets a coughing fit. She has the power to pass unnoticed by his family.
Weapons: Magazines. Remote control. Colored pills. "

The elastic woman.
Name: the elastic woman.
Public identity: Marieta Verybusy. Mother and wife.
Mission: Survive to the family, not letthe husband smokes, house cleaning, working in the office .. and look for her mother, who does not know where the woman is.
Allieds: Farmaton Complex. Saint Patience. Pronto Dustclean."

Falla Regne Valencia

"The elastic woman. This woman is fantastic, as she stretches and is elastic."



Falla Regne Valencia

"Bioman. He has eaten a yogurt and in the wc is safe"

Name: Bioman.
Public identity: Eugenio Loosebelly. father and husband.
Mission: Eat all Bio and high fiber products in order to go to the wc and accomplish his mission.
Allieds: Activia. Special K.
Weapons: Scottex. Ambipur lavender one touch. "

Name: Spiderboy.
Public identity: Quiquet Loosebelly Verybusy. Son internet user.
Powers: Update his Facebook status with bullshit. Telling by twitter even when he is peeing. Wassaping everytime.
Weapons: iPhone, iPad, iMac, iWhateverittakes."

Falla Regne Valencia



"The Survivor of the crisis"

"Poor survivor of the bloody crisis IS balancing the suffering that has given the life"

Falla Regne Valencia

"The Survivor."

"The Survivor.

Name: The Survivor of the crisis.

Public identity: Pepito Pérez Gómez.

Mission: Living with the 'unemployment' and maintain the car, home, daily shopping and children. Finding a decent work. being happy?.

Enemies: Inem. Inem again. ¿Have we said Inem?. The government, whoever it is. "



Falla Regne Valencia

"Governator Rex."

"Governator Rex.

Name: Governator Rex.

Public identity: Who commands.

Features: Having 5 million people without working. Sign labor reforms.

Allieds: Inem. Inem again. ¿Have we said Inem?. Employers, of course. "


"Las supercandidates for the court of honor"

"The choice is manifested in the jungle of the jungles, and will be in Calvestra .. where all will draw the nails "

Falla Regne Valencia

"Candidate Fallerepa.This girl is a social climber."


Name: Fallerepa.

Public identity: Ingrid, major fallera of Envious-Frustrated-tempered Avenue.

Powers: She is very rude. Make scenes in the sector.Promotion of the girl in charge of their clothing providers and contacts. It gets the pole position in the group photos . "



Falla Regne Valencia

"Fallorita. Candidate Fallorita, is perfect and favorite."


Name: Fallorita.
Public identity: Marta, major fallera of Lifelong-Veryfallera.
Powers: Know that the center of the festival is the monument. Is the secretary of her falla. Knows what it is a Tro Bac, a Sacabutx and who composed the regional anthem. A great public speaker. She is cute. "


Name: Fallerula.
Public identity: Jennifer, major fallera Tuning-Piercing Avenue.
Powers: Drink mixed drinks as if just the world. Saying 'you'nderstndmeeee' every five seconds. Wearing tight lycra and thong. Hurricane Superyell. Large vocabulary based on 'fuck' and 'so strong buddy. "

Falla Regne Valencia

"Fallerula. Is very garrulous."


"The super cave of superfallero"

"The batcasal. Meet in the batcasal, superfallero ready is organizing all the arsenal, because the party is coming"

Falla Regne Valencia

"The Superfallero."

Falla Regne Valencia

"Drinks hands."

"The superfallero

Name: Superfallero.
Public identity: Sentó Bacora.
Origin: When he was a boy fell in a barrel of Misteli. This, with the aroma of Tro Bac, makes him superfallero.
Powers: Close streets. Set up Fallas. Drinks gintonics. Knows of everything. Blames of everything to the jury. "


Falla Regne Valencia

"Wonder Rita."

"Wonder Rita.

She is the world of fallas heroin, struggling against the crisis, because where there's a will there's a way and valence serves."
"If the crisis has some nerve, and Rita brings the shear cutting subsidies .. we deal her with 'The superfalla'"

"The incredible Merkel.

Merkel wants to destroyshe is the Teuton Hulk. Sarkozy wants to flee from her, but in the meantime, he brings flowers to her

Name: The incredible Merkel.
Public identity: Angela Merkel, German Chancellor.
Origin: When a European country has a large deficit or does not meet the desires of Angela, fury makes her into Merkel Hulk, rampaging beast whoever is in front .. even the euro!.
Powers: The money in Europe. Bad character. She does not like to eat the Spanish cucumber, and with that face of sour apple no wonder".

Falla Regne Valencia

"The incredible Merkel"



Falla Regne Valencia

"Dr Krisis razes. Brings hunger and corruption. But for his mass attack we will find a solution"



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