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Falla Sueca-Azorín

"Oh la lá, c'est magnifique"

Artist: Jose Lafarga.

Cost:   200.000 Euros.

Height:  20 metres.

Prize:  8th Special section.


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" This is the Paris of the Belle Epoque, a city intense, emotional, funny, sensual, romantic and swine.

Let's get lost in their typical streets of the Latino neighborhood . By the Moulin Rouge. Where everything tastes like bohemian, with street artists painting pictures. "



"Oh la la, Paris toujours Paris"

"Will Paris toujours Paris the accompaniment of this falla to show with permission and critical"

"A sweeet full of glamor image for starting "



"La grand bouffe"

Falla Sueca-Azorín

"Eats like a pig rich, his pockets well filled, and not left tasty bite of that country which condemns ".

"Guilty of mischief, agencies all eat and send to the ruin to the countries that do not control.
Fails almost all of the projections they do, but amass great wealth as the world goes hungry.
Donkey ears takes this pig millionaire, storing in the 'safe', all that robs from the public treasury."

"Moodys and Finch, Standard and Poors oh la la, are the agencies that make risk predictions for the future! oh la la, all wrong! the crisis have nailed down the hole, oh la la, no vaseline! have permission to send agencies to hell! ".


Falla Sueca-Azorín


"Well invention"

Falla Sueca-Azorín

"Bad luck going to a new charge so mean now, because soon they will put the name Monsieur Guilledotin"

"Many inventions are French, as this presented here, they used as possessed against the old regime.
A home version was invented in Valencia, to cut by the base, the fallas without mercy.
One after other cuts are falling and with the blade will gradually lose the grant".

"Paco Lledó is the new ruler, oh la la what a shitty! responsible for the more bestial cutting! oh la la, for the fallas!Let's use that French invention, oh la la which is the guillotine".


Falla Sueca-Azorín









Falla Sueca-Azorín

"Lady of the French song, interprets La Vie en Rose, making simplicity afamous image "

Falla Sueca-Azorín

"An extraordinary voyaeur honors de city, Woody Allen is notoriously full of sensitivity"



Toulousse Lautrec

"Toulousse Lautrec a rogue obscene, alcoholic dwarf through paintings and posters, becomes a giant "


"Who will pay for it"

"Pablo Motos a great show he made, oh la la what a good idea. Cool, clear, modern and fun. Oh la la the Anthill, becoming famous makes him greedy, oh la la 'i want more money' and so it was, he got the fame of 'mercenary'"

pablo motos

"Pablo Motos will forget in the first opportunity of those who bet for him and to Lara has consecrated "

"Today loyalty or consistency have no value because the money and favors prostitutes awareness "


"Marron is a vitim of the butterfly effect,they offere for sale his art and he is in luck "

the black man

"When the black man goes to the brothel, the doors close behind him. When the black man makes love, all married men lose their honor "




"Well style"

"The city of Paris has been a haven for painters, where authors have always cultivated different styles"

"The president is seeking to take a family portrait, and to Montmartre has gone to get in waking "

"Each painter is making a portrait in his style, the secret is pending that there is no danger "

" Sarkozy and Carla Bruni, oh la la, the presidents! there at Montmartre with the daughter have gone! oh la la, to take a portrait! which style will be they portrayed? oh la la it will be a surprise. so the painters will mix the styles in a French style!"


"Pointillism. The pointillist technique believed to have used this short-sighted and raving painter "


"Cubism say to the style of this painter extreme, stylish stamping, painting on canvas "




"Not Impressionist by how is lit, but because the artist is very scared."


"This realist painter fleeing the republican model, a little hipster, paints what it is not there "


"what a battle"

"Look at that idea, poking one's nose into other people's business , the European Union, the pyrotechnic profane "

"Falleros and festive warned the guerrillas have prepared, and suddenly had organized the storming of the Bastille"

"Legislate at will without looking at history aand confuse us with the tangle of moratorium moratorium "

"Trons de Bac finally arrive! oh la la holy cow!. School ar in the commissions. Oh la la what a bad luck! Awakening will die! Commission kills to tradition!"

Falla Sueca-Azorín

"centuries fighting doing a lot of noise, now they all shout together, against the bad policy"



Falla Sueca-Azorín

"Learn the kids with Trons de Bac and bomblets,of gunpowder and its good use, fallas, and children."




"what a can can"

"Now have all the power the PP and their clan, and to celebrate it will make a can can party "

"With the syncopated movement, birds seem storks that have lifted their skirts and the privates show"

"As much as they blame the governors before, the home team have no excuse as they are governing for many years "

"Here's the trio of pp oh la la, what a shame! Rita and Rajoy, the questioned Fabra oh la la, what a shame, Gurtel, Brugal, Emarsa, the Airport, oh la la what a shame! They will hide all the corruption! with no shame!"

"It has been said from Madrid, Fabra seems a 'marianeta', how many embarrassments must swallowe, to fill a truck"

"Liars, Rajoy begins to govern and satart showing privates by raising taxes "

"In campaign beyond measure, all that was said was just a lie, to reach the power soon"

"Rita is well planted and well charred, the case Emarsa has left the ass in the air caught "





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