Child Falla Antiga Campanar


Artist: Oscar Villada.

Prize: 8th Special Section.

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"Candy from Valencia, Alicante and Castellón."



child falla antiga campanar 2013



"Horchata and fartons"




"One of the fruits that on their own, are a sweet."

"Dates from Elche, Orihuela, Alicante, Valencia or Castellón and in every corner of our nation."





"Alberic, Massalavés."

Egg whites

"Egg whites"

hen  alerts eggs

"Wrap up well, put your protection."

egss towards Bain-marie


saint bones

"Saint bones"

"from Valencia, Hueso de San Antonio, Hueso de San Jordi, Hueso de San Roque."


"what an ice!."

Candy from Alicante


sugar and almonds

"sugar and almonds"


"Turrón is a confection that is usually made of almonds, honey and egg. Casinos turrón and Cullera turrón is made with popcorn and honey cooked. The turrón may be the most typical Christmas sweet."




ice cream cart



demonand angel eats cake

"Gloria cakes"

Candy from alicante


"Is one of the oldest candies in the region. Made with pumpkin and sweet potato. We found in the costera, ribera alta and la safor."

"Arrop i talladetes"

"Made with grape must and fruit, which can be calabazate, melon, figs, orange ... "







"Sweet of marzipan that on October 9 lovers give away"


"It is a traditional cake typical from Morella. Prepared with curd, ground almonds, sugar, eggs and a little cinnamon. It has an ancient origin, according to tradition is the Arabic era."


"It is certainly the best known of all sweet for the high quality. With exquisite taste and great finesse is one of the best desserts in the Valencia pastry."



"In Benicarlo fallas are eaten leaves 'borage' with egg and flour. That afterfried they put sugar as buñuelos."


Last update: May 2013.

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