Child Falla Ayuntamiento

"The Golden Valencia"

Artists: Ceballos & Sanabria.

Cost: 25.000 Euros.

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"The city of Valencia is adorned for the triumphal entry of King Alfonso "magnanimous" of the Crown of Aragon, and Queen Maria of Castile, a parade led by the kings and followed by his court and important characters on the valencia of the era, the Golden Age (fifteenth century)."

"Juries in the city receive the monarch by the Serranos towers where the Guardian Angel of Valencia is ready to give the key of the city to King. The monarchs, riding, meanwhile bring a precious relic: the Holy Chalice of the Last Supper. The entourage is made up of members of the court, include famous poets and writers as Ausias March, Jordi de Sant Jordi and Jaume Roig."

"Other important characters of the Golden Age who are in the parade are the architect Pere Comte, the abbess Sor Isabel de Villena, Father Vincent Ferrer and writer Janot Martorell, author of the famous book of chivalry 'Tirant lo Blanc'. Joins the triumphant tour Pope Callistus III, Valencian family of Borgia, crowned with the papal tiara and the back of a red ox, shield emblem family. Also participating on a representation of the city guilds."

"Contemplating the parade are the famous musical angels Valencia's Cathedral, with their sophisticated instruments embellish the festive event."



Fifteenth century, the golden century

"The fifteenth century is the golden age of Valencia. A glorious age in which Valencia was one of the major European cities like Paris or Brussels. The city became the capital of the Kingdom of Aragon, King Alfonso the Magnanimous moved his court to the city of Valencia"

"Valencia shows off its new wall with the Serranos towers, the large door that opens to a modern city where its living a cultural flourishing , economic and artistic that will be remembered and admired as the most golden century of all, our Golden Age."

Alfonso the Magnanimous

"Alfonso the Magnanimous."

"With twenty years becomes king of the Crown of Aragon and established his court in Valencia. In the cathedral of Valencia marries the Infanta Maria of Castile. It is considered a warrior king with a strong temperament and was a great patron of the arts."

María of Castilla

"María of Castilla."

"She married Alfonso the Magnanimous as a prince in the Cathedral of Valencia. He gave a big boost to the convent of the Trinity, which was abbess Sor Isabel de Villena."


The King arrives to Valencia

"XV century. The city is decorated, the streets are a party. Arrives the King Alfonso V The Magnanimous to swear the Jurisdictions and make Valencia the capital of the crown. He is accompanied by his wife Queen MAria and special court of illustrious friends who will give Valencia the great Golden Age."

"In Serranos Gate, the main entrance to the city a carxofa opens and lowers the Guardian Angel of Valencia to deliver the keys of the city. Right there are awaiting the Juries or councilors with the Jurisdictions in hand, for the king's jure and make his triumphal entry into The Golden Valencia."

holy chalice

The Holy Grail

"The chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper. Came to Valencia from the hands of King Alfonso and remained in the royal palace until it was donated to the cathedral in 1437."

Jury of the city with the privileges

Juries of the city

"It was a statutory charge of the Kingdom of Valencia and were responsible for enforcing the Jurisdictions, Valencian land laws for more than four centuries."

guardian angel and Serranos towers

Serranos Towers

"It was the main access to the city. Were commissioned by the Jury of the city to Pere Balaguer. These towers gave access to Valencia and the century of splendor of the city."

guardian angel

Guardian angel

"Angel declared Valencia protector by Jurors. He is emblematic and appears accompanied by the Virgin and St. George in the official shields."

Jordi de San Jordi

Jordi de San Jordi

"Son of Muslim converts. Jordi was gentleman and poet, a troubadour of the court of Alfonso"

Jaume Roig

Jaume Roig

"Celebritie in fifteenth-century in Valencia. He was a doctor in the court of Queen Maria. He wrote the book The Mirror, written in verses of four syllables."

Ausias March

Ausias March

"Poet, Knight and King Alfonso Senior falconer. The songs of love, songs of death and spiritual singing hundred twenty poems are greatly influenced poets of the time and later."

Isabel Martorell Abelló

"Sister of Joanot Martorell. Married with Ausias March in 1439, but two years later she died."

Joanot Martorell

Joanot Martorell

"He was a gentleman of Alfonso the Magnanimous. His greatest contribution to literature was "Tirant Lo Blanch" book of chivalry that well could have been inspired by his own life."

Pere Comte

Pere Comte

"He became the master builder of the city and the cathedral. He was also founder of the guild of stonemasons. His most important work was the Market Exchange."

Damiá forment

Damiá Forment

"He belonged to a family of sculptors with long tradition. Introduced Renaissance sculpture in the Iberian peninsula making works in Valencia and other cities of the Crown of Aragon."


"The Guilds were corporations with own standards created by people grouped by crafts according to their art skills, or economic status. Emerged to address all aspects and problems of the trade they were representing. "

pope calixto III

Calixto III

"Alfonso de Borja and Cabanilles was the first of the valencian popes."

Father Vicente Ferrer

Father Vicente Ferrer

"Dominican friarwith an important preacher task. He did it in valencian, but was understoodin other languages. His sermons spread quickly through thanks to printing. When become saint he was count 872 miracles."

Isabel de Villena and Gonçal Peris

Gonçal Peris

"Member of a large family of XIII century Valencian painters. Gonçal performed many altarpieces for the Cathedral, portraits of the kings of the Crown of Aragon and works for the monastery of Porta Coeli."

Sor Isabel de Villena

"She was abbess of the convent of the Trinity, where she wrote the book Vita Christi. Of simple style and doctrinal. This book became one of the most important of the Golden Age and of literature."

Angels musicians of the Valencia Cathedral

"The entrance to the city of King Magnanimous is enlivened by the music played by the angels of the cathedral of Valencia, some amazing frescoes that decorate the ceiling of the chapel. They were painted by Italian Paolo de San Leocadio and Francesco Pagano between 1472 and 1481. There are twelve angels with wings who play musical instruments around the Virgin. It seems that the artists were inspired by real instruments to translate them on the paintings."

"In 1674 a Baroque dome hid them until they were newly discovered in 2004. Finished the restoring in 2007 and since that date can be enjoyed in all its glory."

Paolo de San Leocadio and Francesco Pagano

"Two Italian painters who worked in Valencia in 1472. They are the authors of angels musicians of the chapel of the Cathedral."

Father J gilabert Jofré

Father J gilabert Jofré

"Friar Mercy that in 1409 founded the hospital of crazy and madmen where for the first time disabled psychic were treated as patients and not as possessed."

La Virgen

The angels did it

"Legend where angels did to the Virgin of the Helpless. Appeared in the guise of pilgrims and offered to make an image of the Virgin in exchange for lodging. In three days the finished and disappeared."


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