Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana

"An Imaginey world"

Artist: Sergio Alcaņiz.

Prize: 12th Special Section.

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"Like a dream .. Imagine! Close your eyes and think, create life or travel. In a dream ... Imagine! Nothing to stop and think."



"Out of reality all you've desired."


falleros in the chocolate factory

"The chocolate factory."

"Sweet party breaks, candy and chocolate."

fallera sleeping

"Fallas all the year."

"In the dream of the child a party come to life! It is our ephemeral art that gives life to the artist."

uneder the sea

"Under the sea."

"Good place to walk, is to put under the sea."


"The sweet witches."

"This dream is beautiful, even the witch is sweet, goodies 'galore', without tooth decay."

dream of a tale

"A tale dream."

"With castles, dragons and princesses. She dreams of princes. the dragon does not scare anymore, he works only as a plane. Amid clouds of cotton breathes much better!"


Last update: Mayo 2013.

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