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Child Falla Convento JerusalÚn


Artist: David Moreno.

Prize: 5th special section.

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" A simple fable tells that when everything seems gray, there comes a time when everything suddenly blooms again. The explosion of color that happens after the winter blues, the browns of autumn, furious light that melts and dry everything during the summer."


"Equinox tells the story of small seeds that one day, in the spring, they discovered they were full of life."

"Equinox is a burst of color that happens after the winter blues, ochres of autumn, light furious that anything melts and everything dries during the summer ."


"The 20 or 21 March start the spring in our hemisphere. Just the time which starts the regeneration cycle symbolizing fallas. From here the day elongates rapidly and change the light that becomes more intense."

"There is a moment in the year that begins one day in which day and night are exactly the same length in all parts of the world. From here there is a seasonal change in the opposite direction as the hemisphere in which we are."

"The Equinox is but a simple fable that tells us, when everything seemed gray and barren, comes the moment in which everything returns to bloom, filling everything with light, life and color."

"Autumn equinox ... behind ochres and grays, everything explodes. And while building the spring, looked through the window this rainy autumn we lived, so old, so stopped, leaking, had to catch."


Last update: May 2013.

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