Child Falla Esteve-Amorós

"Valencia, cradle of gods"

Artist: Paco Jiménez.

Prize: 11th Special Section.

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"The gods of Olympus move to live in Valencia."

"Zeus, the father of all the gods, with his cherub Calatrava. The goddess Flora with its famous flower offering. The goddess Aphrodite with her love for the traditions and festivities. The god Neptune, guarding the Albufera. Vulcano throwing firecrackers from heaven. And the god Bacchus, inventing the Agua de Valencia."



"Zeus, which makes for great father to all the gods has warned not to make mischief, because they are very naughty."

"The god of antiquity, of Olympus has had enough and looking for a new destination, to Valencia have moved."

"The gods have come to Carmen and walk up to Miguelete and Serranos Towers with the help of a cloud."

children celebrating mocadorá

"From there have seen hoe two children celebrate the sweet 'Mocadorà' eating up some candies."


"Above all there is an architect, who has graced this city with the City of the Arts, which every god has bewitched."

Aphrodite and Flora

"Beside her, Aphrodite the goddess of love, is more beautiful than ever and shines brighter."



"Neptune God is elder, of the sea is tired, choosing the beautiful Albufera to live in retirement."

boat in the albufera

"A large family with a boat and the fish come out to see them, waving the flap."

"These Samarugos are endangered by an American fish that eats them with relish."


"Vulcan is the god of fire, is teaching a child to shoot rockets, shells, firecrackers and masclets."


"Bacchus, god of the festival, wine and the good life has taken to drink, which has taken the measure. "

"This studious girl, who looks tired, is going to college, well laden with books."

"And here ends the story of the gods who have settled in the beautiful and great Valencia, who has captivated them all."


Last update: Mayo 2013.

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