Child Falla Na Jordana


Artist: Joan S Blanch.

Prize: 3rd Special Section. 3rd talent and grace.

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" The most terrible dangers of a mythological journey that Odysseus (Ulysses) suffered on his return to Ithaca after the Trojan War ended. According to Homer's epic poem of ancient Greece."



"The Trojan War was over and all the heroes were preparing to return to their lands ... "

"Among these heroes was Odysseus, king of Ithaca, a strong and courageous warrior that with his return home takes us into the Odyssey, epic poem that composed and sang in ancient Greece, Homer, the author."

"An authentic representation with sets and characters of the play, Lotus Eaters, Cyclopes, Monsters, Goddesses and mortals ... all with one intention, to narrate a mythical journey happened when gods and men lived together and the best weapons of a hero were prudence, cunning and courage."


Lotus Eaters

"Lotus Eaters"

"and the fruit of the lotus, sweet as honey. "

"Some sailors tested Lotus Flower and lost the desire to return to Ithaca."



"In the past the mermaids were half woman, half bird. "

"They abducted sailors after lure them with their seductive songs."


"Tells us the adventures of Odysseus inspired by the Muses , a place where live together gods, monsters and humans . "

"Homer described the locations depicted in his poem with great precision. This fact suggests that had visited them or that navigators of his time provided him with a wealth of information. A French scholar, Victor Bérard, crossed the Mediterranean in the last century trying to identify all the places described by the ancient poet. "

Penelope weaving


"Many pretenders wanted to marry the woman of Ulysses, but to save time said not remarry until a fabric finish, that by night undid. "

Nausicaa and  Alcinoo


"The long arms .. which washing clothes met Ulysses ... the princess of the Phaeacians. "


"Scheria king, who gave the best ship for Odysseus to return to Ithaca. "


"Fell in love with Ulysses. She promised to make him a God if he stayed with her."


"The witch goddess. Transformed men into animals, converted a part of the crew into pigs, lions and other wild beasts. Ulysses, knowing the fact, became immune and won her friendship."



"The wind god. Gave Ulysses in a sack of bull hide, all winds except the breeze. If I wanted to go home he could not open that gift ever .. the curiosity of the crew prevented the return."



"The suctioner. Swallowed and spat the water of the sea and all that ship that sailed on it."



"The most terrible of all the Cyclops. In order to escape masquerading as sheep .. Ulises lets one eye blind."


"The cannibals. The fleet reached the port of Telépilo, an island inhabited by Laestrygonians. For when the crew discovers that the inhabitants were giant cannibals who eat human is too late. Of the dozens of ships that had left Troy, only one manages to escape from the slaughter of the Laestrygonians."


"The six heads. Odysseus's crew had to fight against Scylla, which devours everything within reach."


Last update: May 2013.

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