Falla Nou Campanar

"House of Cards"

Artist: Julio Monterrubio.

Cost: 315.000 Euros.

Height: 22 metres.

Prize: 2nd Special Section.

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"The current situation of our society makes us feel as if we were walking on a house of cards, which can fall anytime. Insecurity of the family and the balance that has to do to survive and make ends meet. "

"But not all is negative, first grandparents regain a main role in the family, not only helping with the grandchildren but also in economic."

"The Three Graces that symbolize what we want: income, investment and employment. And the Three Misfortunes: expenses, adjustments and unemployment."

"It is in the family where is the hope for fighting discouragement or disappointment. The hope is represented by Goddess Spes, a young and vibrant woman, on a cornucopia symbolizing wealth for the next generation."



"With balancing skills and ability to save, they are here calling the roll the entire family unit."

"This house of cards will bear the full weight of a family struggling to make ends meet."

"We lost the smile because of the insecurity, and the struggle to survive in our society."


"The Granddad 100th birthday."

"Today is a great day holiday, it is Granddad's centennial, andwith his modest pension cover daily budget."

"Wishing a long life and the family to continue 'well paid' give him a serving good bitter Korean 'ginseng' ."

granddaughter with cake

"With general joy immortalize the moment, where we ensure the wage with 100th cake."

Granddad family

"All cordiality show him with some submissive attitude, partly due to their age and partly to his visa card."

daughter in law and granddaughter look after the Granddad

"The daughter in law will have him well ventilated. The granddaughter with viagra encourage, for him to have vivacity, without climate change."

"Tribute to the peseta."

"To Euro show gratitude for the mother who has given birth, grateful that screwed us, greeting him with all the finger."

"The Euro what a revenge! has raised everything, heck! so we longing for our dear peseta."

"We offer the peseta this candle as a tribute, to raise the little wage us, and we can eat cheese."


"From card of many banks to look at the reductions fashion."

"From high leveldressing to go covered with a barrel."

"From having corner bath, to a tub of easy assembly."

"From going to the cinema on weekends, to a low-end television."


"The sons with resignation avoid any excess, spending assignment on the 'boutique' Chinese."

"Pension impossible."

"Not even the highest technology or security measures will prevent us to eat by day with the help of purple note."

"We will use espionage and trapeze, to eat porridge, with the salary of pensioner."

man in black

"The European Commission pays me, black is my color and for the retiree'm a pest, because downgrade his value."

"The three misfortunes."

"Here are The three misfortunes, debt, cuts and unemployment, which require us to acrobatics to move into the future."

"So much misery and setback both have made us lose the label, and of course a lot of weight without doing any diet."

"From a British 'school', to school in a hut."

"From browsing around the planet, to browse with a little boat."

"From having a falla with expectations, to pay the 21 percent VAT."

"From playing the stock market every day, to rely on the lottery."

"The Gold Rush."

"Chaplin lived a chimera in the years of depression, similar to that now awaits with so much buying and selling gold".


"All the effort to save i hide in this box with which i will pay food, light, water and rent".

Gypsy sells gold

"Customers of any kind, Spanish gypsies and non-gypsies waiting to give them the pass to change gold for snails".

Granddaughter  pushes Granny

"The Granny will give a boost the spoiled granddaughter, ensuring with the sale her high standard of living".

"The Roman Goddess Spes."

"Let abundance know where we are and we will cry together, where all the world's children do not go hungry ever".

"The hope here is offered with goods of her own, with a cornucopia filled with all kinds of fruit".

"Souls of Don Quixote. Somewhere in the Eurozone..."

"In front of the mill of despair, of abandonment and desolation, the quixote struggle with temperance, with maturity and imagination".

"In front of the sweet madness, Sancho is always consistent, giving hope to every day without forgetting the heritage".

"Taking companion to the solidary most devoted, overcome the giant mill because we all a quixotic".

"To overcome adversity must dream above all, because a dream is freedom, as well knows Quixote".

"The Three Graces."

"The Three Graces of Rubens inspiration, want to be progress this nation needs."


"To queue at the salon, to be the image of witchcraft."

"Of driving a Formula One, to one who did not want anybody."

"From a soda with parasol, to a nicely chilled jug."

"From an hotel inSpain, to live in a tent."

"Helping out."

"No matter what class nor where are the votes, to prevent this failure requires the efforts of everyone."

upper and middle class carry wrench

"Each class has a wrench, the tall has the allen of fragile beauty, high average, the fixed and smooth, and the average low more .. English wrench."


"Now the Granny is needed to support the castle, which depends on how large is the pension."

"Dreaming of luck."

"It is the illusion of all people, is the illusion of every day, which takes us out of the gloom, the illusion of the lottery draw."

dreaming with luck

"The most primitive woman needs to hit six numbers that will make us forget the VAT and what we have to pay."

the primitive

" The 'child' is a draw you'll wait in particular, to overcome the dizziness that gives you the good boy."

the fat one

"And when Christmas comes only think of one thing that has good final year's draw, the fat one."

"Unity is strength. We can!."

"Is the more damaging monster that causes all the cuts, although there is nothing more dangerous than a person without a job."

"Neither renaming avoid the attack, putting 'Sepe' which was the 'Inem' (unenployment office), following the fight against the dragon pulling all from the other end ."

"With the crisis in the construction, we have health in danger, as well as our education and the future of our children."


"From waring a gold one at the job, to look at the time in one of Sand."

"From investing in brick, to see how the money flies."

"From savoring a fine tuna, to be content with sardines."

"From a senior executive, to work in summer."


Last update: May 2013.

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