Child Falla Regne Valencia

"In certain desert"

Artist: Pedro M. Rodríguez.

Prize: 9th Special section.

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"The problem of the territory of the North African Sahara with its large desert. And their lack of identity and independence as a country that calls its self determination. Find a solution to the Saharawi children."



passengers in van are getting hot

"The passengers freak out believing in a nefarious fate, because they do not stop feeling like a roast chicken."

driver getting hot

"With a thermometer in hand and sun heating, the driver feels like a kebab."


sun with magnifier

"If the sun is not to be worried enough it even purchase a magnifying glass!."

sant exupery

"Not sure if it is a hit but it is what i want. Talk about the desert, which also deserves."

the little prince

"The Little Prince tells the contracted and sad pilot that with loving a simple rose, life has meaning."

child bathing in barrel

"In the Sahara children have patience, children of Sahrawi, independence parents."

pardoned child ninot 2013

Pardoned Child Ninot 2013

"To sleep relaxed, read this story before, but it's so interesting that neither the sun seems to sleep."

Legionnaire and goat

"I'm a little worried and do not know if this is correct, if this land is occupied, they call it desert?."


"The goat shit does not compare to the shit of Spain that accompanied the legion."


"It seems that amused the guide the boats of the two reporters, thinking that the pharmacy is two whole days away!."

children playing with wheels

"Who said there is no life? rights are what is missing. Some people deserve more than just what they wear."


Last update: May 2013.

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