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Falla Antiga Campanar

"Dibidi badi voo doo"

Artist: Mario Gual.

Cost: 80.000 Euros.

Height: 18 metres.

Prize: 10th Special Section.

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" A fortune teller reads the future taking three cards, that happen to be greed, lust and origin. Three evil spirits, the greed, lust and money threaten fallas, the origin. But despite adversity fallas emerge victorious from this struggle, and therefore always bear in flames, granting them victory."

"Lost souls always seek the light, a fisherman uses it, who feeds on the confused souls."

"The crocodile and chameleon playing with voodoo dolls, to prick them and make their owners life miserable."



antiga campanar

"Antiga. Voodoo."

"Has an ace up his sleeve to win medal and voodoo gives the topic of l'antiga campanar.
Each falla takes ninot voodoo and the witch laughs and some will eat. "


"Cuba. Santeria."

"With lights are well stuffed those of Cuba Literate in monument are struggling and lights do 'boato'.
Santeria use to win and losts of spells are used to manipulate.
                    We know very well how are illuminated, with candles come out much cheaper . "


"Sueca. The Ouija."

"The wisdom of the faller can cost a lifetime, from March until January here you learn without measure.
And when you must consult or do you need advice do not hesitate to ask anyone with more brains.
And we have here a very good fallero though lifeless will gladly respond with wisdom without measure.
You'll see how do you ask if you want to win this year and looking for solutions for your falla to upgrade. "


"El Pilar. Worship."

"When you talk about first prize sure you have a name in your head, Monterrubio is genius, none can match.
Pilar have that clear, but it is not requesting, then if he wants to return, let he return willingly.
So here a shrine with offerings well pompous to Julio has awarded for numerous victories.
And if one day comes another gold in the falla Pilar case."

nou campanar

"Nou Campanar. Alchemy."

"Poor Juan Armiñana, stuffed before with money, willingly planted a thousand awards.
But here you can see that the poor are not as rich and warming head to bring a chunk to the falla.
What science is the task of converting iron into gold.
With wit, very medieval atmosphere, in alchemy is indeed a genius, with very cool spells.
And here is him on his machine pulling tackle, without being noticed a bit that are the cards of the last year."

na jordana

"Na Jordana. The ritual sacrifice."

Mercado Central

"El Mercado. the Potion."

"With premium ingredients make a peculiar broth, Socarrat, know how has to conjure.
Mixing it all with wit, here the pot boiling, simmering a good prize for picking.
in Mercado have it easy, do not miss anything, no onions or celery and there no space left for anything else.
With Fallas essences and a bright pink dye everyone will know who you are, and it is first good thing."


"Exposición. the oracle."

"Asking aid we see Paco Giner leaving here the right hand to win the first.
Rappel helps revealing with the ball how large will be the best falla this year.
Exhibition future here is what makes the oracle, we'll see if you match to how to get the miracle occurs.
Copy, copy friend Paco, I'm going to dictate the tops that I see with the ball. "


"Reino. The spell of freezing."

"In Reino know very well what is special emotion, and a sorcerer here works a spell of freezing.
I stay as I am, says the president of the falla, although I am not rich, we are a good special.
And so here ask to become stone and who my kingdom profane will go to hell."


"Convento. invocation."

"The nuns here are dancing so by invoking the demon's overblown that a falla can call.
This is Barrachina a very popular demon that will work fine for a good first win.
Convent have this clear when it comes to first prizes, you know who invoke to let them all hysterical.
BiriBiriBadaBu thus says the spell, if you also want to avert your to win the first prize."


"Merced. The bad luck."

"In this dance of the crisis has been affected, it may be by luck or vice.
But it is not the case with the friend who found a float, not to drown, gets off the golden section.
Silver seems right for the centennial commission to do no harm nor mourn the candelaria.
Down special to get to first, a cork here has saved bad luck."


"Malvarrosa and Almirante. The Evil Eye."

"In the battle of special there are who has been using a deadly iron.
And in order to win hits it with evil eye, because here are all sticking the eye to annoy.
Is a tough cookie colleague Admiral, has influences to bore and win at any moment.
Barbarossa is not here, well stranded on the beach, and get on the sidewalk, leaves a damaged eye."


Last update: April 2014.

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