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Falla Exposición-Mascó

"If it sounds...Falla"

Artist: Paco Giner.

Cost: 80.000 Euros.

Height: 18 metres.

Prize: 4th special section. 3rd of 'talent and grace'

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"A composer of the eighteenth century in full creative interactivity. The famous Bremen Town Musicians tale by the Brothers Grimm."

" Although the thing is not about music but of 'noise', everything that makes noise, bad noise."



"String Concert ... with wind instruments .. vacuuming is the queen of the drums with the drum of the washing machine, if you already know all this sounds, if it sounds .. fail!."

"With their batons they tell us to play, make us squirming and do not let us protest!."

"The mouse is in a 'preferental' place is a conductor of the ruling class!"

appliances orchestra

"Plays the cookware recites nursery rhymes, dominates the electronic keyboard, working from sunrise to sunset."

"Look at the woman orchestra playing many instruments, do not have a day of celebration and do not relax for a moment."

"It is not the Music Palace nor the ramshackle Reina Sofía, this auditorium is home and there function every day!."

"The sound of war is the most dangerous , anywhere in the world makes the earth tremble."

solider with children

"The most innocent victims who suffer these conflicts are the children and we want to pay homage to this scene as a priority, to those which give them humanitarian aid."

flock of sheep

"Sometimes, if it does not sound, also fails, are good examples the Fallas that do not defend their rights, everyone in silent looking like a flock of sheep."


"Barbera shepherdess watch this flock with Lledo, a bulldog, with the grant everyone is silent and so there are no surprises"

sheep jumping fence

"Attention, a black sheep, the dog has already noticed, called Galiana, and you can see her managing in the junta"

wolf and sheep

"But while the sheep graze the danger also comes, is the wolf of finance and is salivating"

"Pastorcita betrayed, the sheep will rebel, from madrid is the bite that has made poor to Fallas."

top blanket

"Here we see the 'top blanket' of illegal downloads, this compilation frightens us because everything sounds awful."

"Rosario again? Malú or Bisbal perhaps? artists, sorry, things look terrible, this guy is god Montoro and is deaf."

"Gained the stage one faller craftsman, the singer is necessary for our festive world."

farmer rajoy

"In the Pepe's farm ia, ia, oooh, there is a bird who is imprisoned ia, ia , oooh. Bárcenas of surname has ia, ia, oooh. And he wants to sing by the 'b' side ia, ia, oooh"

bird bárcenas

"Farmer Rajoy is scared ia, ia, oooh, peep he doesn't want to hear ia, ia , oooh. with his weapon is pointing ia, ia, oooh. And in deferred he will shoot ia, ia, oooh"

"Flautist erelín playing a symphony attractive to march away from here those who want to be active population"

"With so much 'ere' and unemployment, banter professionals are leaving Spain and we will need them in the future."

"Erelín This song is a cover of the sixties 'come to germany pepe' and many grab bugger."


"You see this unconscious for a Grammy makes everything would not be surprising in a time finding on the ground dead."

"Sure you heared about it, is the most coveted Grammy, is good 'Farlopa drug' and destroys you if you're hooked."


Last update: April 2014.

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