Child Falla Exposición-Mascó

"The court of the sun king"

Artists: Ceballos y Sanabria.

Prize: 3rd Special Section. 1st of 'talent and grace'.

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"This is not about the famous French Sun King of history (or yes), but of the king star, the sun, and all the heavenly court."

"His counselor Earth, conductor Mercury, the beautiful Venus, the overall Mars, Saturnthe gardener and chef Neptune. And the whole funny entourage of dancer star and dancers of the the cosmos.



"On the dawn and between colossal statues of night and day, a new day begins in the palace of the Sun King. He is the first to wape up from the bed, to be the king of the universe is a big responsibility!
This is how begins life in the palace where a court of very different characters lives, but all necessary so that everything is in order.
Sounds music from early morning, stars dance and starts partying as every day, as every year, as every century, as every millennium."

vega, beta and zeta

"Vega, beta, zeta."


palace of the day

"palace of the day."

Night Terrace

"Night Terrace."


"Venus: The most beautiful of the courtesans is undoubtedly the lady Venus. Her beauty is such that, in court, there are many who long for her charms. She, always patient, take care of her apple trees of golden apples with a smile while receiving gifts from fans."



Ursa major and Ursa minor

"Ursa major and Ursa minor."




"Earth: Always by the side of the sun is the old earth. As was his governess as a child, can not quit be aware of him: if you are well groomed, if present clean and well ironed clothes ... And now also is responsible for caring Moon, a charming girl with skin white as snow."

"Mercury: In the highest room of the palace we find Mercury, the court artist. Has good hand with painting, writing and likes poetry, but is the music where he stands. Directs an orchestra of asteroids, with its sweet melodies of Handel and Luily, brighten up the life of the court"

"Asteroids, very loyal to his admired mercury, have formed an orchestra under his direction having a sovereign grace. The melodies sung tirelessly are the music life of the largest and most important palace of all palaces that may exist."




"Mars: Always on guard found the amazing and courageous Great Royal Captain, proud Mars. Dress as a Roman warrior, with his red coat and accompanied by his faithful soldiers Phobos and Deimos."

phobos and deimos

"The two soldiers, who seems to have a bit of fear and respect, are an odd couple, with green skin like frogs ... a little Martians?."

Rock star

"Rock star"

estrellita castro

"Estrellita castro"

Tower of dawn

"Tower of dawn"

neptune and trito

"Neptune: In the kitchen commands Neptune, the royal chef. With his fork tests all the dishes before his assistant dining Triton take them to the dining room. And always seem to lack salt!. His specialty is tuna with pears and supreme chocolate sauce , and swordfish."

cooking star

"Cooking star"


"Jupiter: a key figure in the life of the palace is Jupiter. The big man in charge of keeping all the royal apartments and everything working as it should. Jupiter is a business of building, plumbing, lighting and decor .. Take a card! you never know!."

Valencia Moon

"Valencia Moon: Moon has a twin sister. Valencia Moon, which is always combed as Fallera, loves horchata with fartons and Algemesí oranges and is very devoted to the Maredeueta. And every year goes by March to Valencia for a wonderful spring holiday with fire and color."


"Uranus: n the highest tower of the palace wise old astrologer Uranus checks that all the stars are in place, and all the stars forming constellations as it is written in books from ancient."

Orient star

"Orient star"


"Saturn: He is the royal gardener, working tirelessly to make the perfect garden for evening walk of the sun king. At the same time, relentlessly monitoring his twin daughters, Nina and Satur, that fill the garden with laughter while playing hula-hoop"

Satur and Nina

"Satur and Nina"

Polar star

"Polar star"






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