Child Falla Gaeta-Farnals

"Tasting rice"

Artist: Julio Monterrubio.

Prize: 1st Special Section.

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"International tasting rice from other countries and the most famous Valencian rice. "

" International: three delights rice, sushi rice, cuban rice and rice with Jalapeño. Valencian: paella, baked rice, spinach rice, black rice, rice crust, seafood paella ... "



"Young and little girl in Fallas monument are expression of a traditional food that in the Valencian lands is cultivated with devotion. Always connected to the land, rice give fame to our cusisine that proclaims its best dish is the paella."

"A young girl and c child paella here represented, and our falla tops full of pride and happiness."

"Valencian rices"



"For them our best gift: the most international fiesta."

"Black rice"

"Dress as 'Chicote' the chef a black rice he wants to cook. From casserole tries to escape throwing ink the squid. The All-i-Oli is the complement makes this most succulent rice."


"Gentleman rice"

"If you eat gentleman rice, everything will taste peeled. Prawn lose privacy in this delicate rice."

"Sunbathing and well peeled without knowing that are observed."

Baked rice with chicken

"Baked rice with chicken"

"Baked Rice wants to do the devil, but the chicken is in no hurry."

arroz meloso

"Hay que ver si es pesado, todo el rato ahí plantado."

Sticky rice with lobster

"Sticky rice with lobster"

"Very sweet and in love, the sailor gives his dish. A creamy rice with lobster is complete."

Brown paella

"Brown paella"

"Artichoke rhythm dominates when the brown paella is cooked."

"Banda Rice"

"This gang well custody, a rice that tastes heavenly."


"International rices"

"Traveling the planet many rice dishes can try, here we bring you a sampling of some that you can eat."

"Rice is a food very international as from east to west in the diet is essential."

"Rice with Jalapenos"

"This is so funny quartet of an explosive rice. The 'mariachi' playing happy, but certainly just simmering."

cuban rice

"Cuban rice"

"The very exuberant Cuban the ingredients is showing."

Chinese rice

"Chinese rice"

"From the exotic and oriental china, we get a very special rice."

sushi rice

"Sushi rice"

"Puffer fish, very scared, to the chef demand pity."

"Rice three delights"

"Of the rice are responsible, three nice delights. Look with what feeling serve this food."

"Rice pudding"

"If when you finish eating you want to stay a sweetish taste, it is better to finish with a good rice pudding."

"So much cinnamon gives the girl, that will end mad the cow. The cow thinks resignedly so much cinnamon can not be good."

"Fragrant rice with rabbit and snails"

"Rabbit and snails do a good society in scented rice."


Last update: April 2014.

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