Child Falla Na Jordana


Artist: Joan S Blanch.

Prize: 7th Special Section.

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" Humanity is putting the planet at tremendous pressure, have exceeded the Earth's biocapacity, use more natural resources that can generate and produce. We must live in harmony with nature."



"Coexist is effectively closing the taps, one drop per second are converted in 30 liters/day. Use the shower preferably reducing consumption in the bathroom. Do not use the toilet as a garbage dump. do not let the water run while scrubbing. When we water or wash our car, try not to use the hose. Do not overwork the aquifers. Make periodic maintenance of the pipes.
Coexist is taking care of the forests, flora and fauna, is to select the trash we produce using the recycling bins.
Coexist is trying to use alternative energies.

"Ultimately coexist is taking care of the planet, take care of us."

urban expansion

"Urban expansion."


"Water, a scarce resource."

fixing pipes

"20% of water is lost along the way"

covering aquifers

"Overexploited aquifers without renewal capacity"

closing the tap

"1 drop of water per second, 30 liters per day."


"From 20 to 50 liters of water daily for living"

"Green or black?"

"No dirty rivers, streams or ponds. Respect the environment and keep it clean. Collaborate with the task of reforestation. Do not throw cigarette butts. Avoid using motor vehicles that make much noise. Assist in cleaning garbage, dead branches, foliage, with intent to prevent fires. Safe use in camping, barbecues and campfires. do not introduce any plant or animal species that could alter the ecosystem. "

"Landfill closed"

picking up trash

"Trash to the trash"



"Sun and wind"

alternative energies

"Alternative energies"

"What do we breathe?"


"Pollution causes 7 times more deaths than traffic accidents"


Last update: May 2014.

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