Fallas Category 1B

Falla Salvatierra-Amorós 2nd prize. Artist: Javier Álvarez-Sala. Title: With the gods we have encountered


Falla Lo Rat Penat 3rd prize. Artist: Pedro Santaeulalia. Title: blessed retirement.


Falla Monteolivete 10th prize. Artist: Xavier Herrero. Title: the tomato fight.


Falla Maeztu-Los Leones Artist: José Jarauta. Title: Broadway.


Fallas Category 2A

Falla Bolsería-Tros Alt 1st prize. Artist: Carlos Borrás. Title: barbarities


Falla J Costa-Altea 2nd prize. Artist: Javier Álvarez-Sala. Title: Travel with us


Falla Linterna-Na Robella 4th prize.
Artist: Latorre y Sanz.
Title: Atrocities.

Linterna-Na Robella 2014

Falla Cádiz-Centelles7th prize.
Artist: Vicente Martínez Aparici.
Title: El Dorado.

Cádiz-Centelles 2014

Falla Cuba-Puerto Rico10th prize.
Artist: Jose Lafarga.
Title: The love machinery.

Cuba-Puerto Rico 2014


Falla Conserva-Berenguer.
Artista: Paco Mesado.
Title: All this and heaven too.

Conserva-Berenguer 2014


Fallas Category 2B

Falla S Abril-Peris y Valero 2nd prize.
Artist: Sergio Musoles.
Title: The robbery of the century.

S Abril-Peris y Valero 2014

Falla Isabel la Católica-Amorós 3rd prize.
Artist: Carlos Carsí.
Title: My friend, do not be fooled .. this year is about bathrooms!.

Isabel la Católica-Amorós 2014

Falla Pza de la Reina-S Vicente 6th prize.
Artist: Jose Ramón Devís.
Title: unmasked.

Pza de la Reina-S Vicente 2014


Falla Pie de la Cruz-Villarrasa 4th prize. Artist: Javier Álvarez-Sala. Title: From Pekín or from here?


Falla Alameda-Francia 14th prize.
Artist: Miguel Santaeulalia.
Title: At home like nowhere.

Alameda-Francia 2014

Falla Cádiz-Cura Femenia .
Artist: commission.
Title: Old hen makes good broth.

Cádiz-Cura Femenia 2014

Falla S Abril-Pedro III .
Artist: Fede Ferrer.
Title: valencia wealth.

S Abril-Pedro III 2014


Fallas Category 3A

Falla Canarias-Elche 1st prize. Artist: Sergio Musoles. Title:How to survive in fallas and not die trying


Falla Ciscar-Regne Valencia 9th prize.
Artist: Paco Borja.
Title: Oz.

Ciscar-Regne Valencia 2014

Falla Cervantes-Padre Jofre 13th prize.
Artist: Fede Ferrer.
Title: Explorations and excavations.

Cervantes-Padre Jofre 2014

Falla Avda del Oeste 15th prize.
Artist: Miguel Ballester.
Title: inventions.

Avda del Oeste 2014


Falla Zapadores .
Artist: Paco Torres.
Title: Made in Spain.

Zapadores 2014


Fallas Category 3B

Falla Cepeda-Palmireno2nd prize.
Artist: Manuel Martínez.
Title: Do not annoys.

Cepeda-Palmireno 2014

Falla Serrano-Cervera3rd prize.
Artist: Loren Fandos.
Title: Tobe or not to be.

Serrano-Cervera 2014

Falla Cuba-Denia4th prize.
Artist: David Sánchez.
Title: Fashion, sometimes uncomfortable.

Cuba-Denia 2014


Falla Espartero-Ramón y Cajal5th prize.
Artist: Jose Manuel Gramaje.
Title: All the prizes.

Espartero-Ramón y Cajal 2014

Falla Benavente-Reina Dª Germana9th prize.
Artist: Latorre y Sanz.
Title: Over time changed.

Benavente-Reina Dª Germana 2014

Falla Tomasos-Cervera14th prize.
Artist: Francisco Carrasco.
Title: Beauty and the beast.

Tomasos-Cervera 2014


Falla Castellón-Segorbe.
Artist: Toni Fornés.
Title: Welcome Mr Merkel.

Castellón-Segorbe 2014

Falla Obispo J Pérez-Luis Oliag.
Artist: Armando Serra.
Title: Macho Levante and Amunt Valencia.

Obispo J Pérez-Luis Oliag 2014


Fallas Category 4A

Falla Peris y valero-Cuba 2nd prize.
Artist: José Sales.
Title: Posing.

Peris y valero-Cuba 2014

Falla Cádiz-Azorín 6th prize.
Artist: Paco Borja.
Title: The end of the world.

Cádiz-Azorín 2014

Falla J Costa-Burriana.
Artist: Toni Fornés.
Title: Bars. what places.

J Costa-Burriana 2014


Falla Cuba-Buenos Aires.
Artist: David Sánchez.
Title: The hell of making a falla.

Cuba-Buenos Aires 2014


Fallas Category 4B

Falla Bailén-Xátiva.
Artist: Rafa y Raúl Martínez.
Title: Gay things.

Bailén-Xátiva 2014

Falla Perelló-Santangel.
Artist: commission.
Title: Game.

Perelló-Santangel 2014

Falla Ramón y Cajal-Benedito.
Artist: Vicente Chaveli.
Title: Hobbies.

Ramón y Cajal-Benedito 2014


Fallas Category 5A y 5B

Falla Pelayo-Marzal 10th prize. Category: 5A. Artist: Venancio Cimas. Title: Future in valencia


Falla Pizarro-Amorós3rd prize.
Category: 5A.
Artist: Paco Mesado.
Title: National mess.

Pizarro-Amorós 2014

Falla Oliag-Mariola.
Category: 5A.
Artist: Miguel Banaclocha.
Title: sausage idiot ommelette.

Oliag-Mariola 2014

Falla Alta-Sto Tomás7th prize.
Category: 5B.
Artist: Juanjo García.
Title: Haute Couture.

Alta-Sto Tomás 2014


Falla Pza Alfonso Magnánimo.
Category: 5B.
Artist: Agustín Torralba.
Title: No cuts in fallas.

Pza Alfonso Magnánimo 2014

Falla Cádiz-Denia.
Category: 5B.
Artist: Toni Pérez.
Title: Sweet and salad.

 Cádiz-Denia 2014

Falla Pizcueta-Amorós.
Category: 5B.
Artist: Jose Vicente Vendrell.
Title: Valencia an open window.

Pizcueta-Amorós 2014


Fallas Category 6A, 6B y 6C

Falla En Plom-G de Castro5th prize.
Category: 6A.
Artist: Juan alberto Navarro.
Title: Making falla.

En Plom-G de Castro 2014

Falla Fuencaliente-Lebon7th prize.
Category: 6A.
Artist: Enrique Cardells.
Title: How to make the Indian.

Fuencaliente-Lebon 2014

Falla Aguilar-Perelló.
Category: 6A.
Artist: Sergio Edo.
Title: Valencia city... fallas with lots of law.

Aguilar-Perelló 2014


Falla Calabazas-En Gall.
Category: 6A.
Artist: Diego Arnau.
Title: The world and mathematics.

Calabazas-En Gall 2014

Falla Avda de la Plata-Urrutia.
Category: 6C.
Artist: Juanjo García.
Title: Bon appetit.

Avda de la Plata-Urrutia 2014

Falla Regne Valencia-Serrano.
Category: 6C.
Artist: Pedro Espadero.
Title: Illusion.

Regne Valencia-Serrano 2014


Fallas Category 7A

Falla Vivons-Corbera8th prize.
Category: 7A.
Artist: Carlos Sampedro.
Title: The risk cousin.

Vivons-Corbera 2014

Falla G de Castro-Triador.
Category: 7A.
Artist: Celso Sierra.
Title: You will be tired, if you are planting a falla.

G de Castro-Triador 2014

Falla Senet-Alameda.
Category: 7A.
Artist: Juanjo García.
Title: May start the mascleta?.

Senet-Alameda 2014



Last update: April 2014.

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