Falla Antiga Campanar


Artist: Alejandro Santaeulalia.

Prize: 2nd Special Section and 1st talent and grace

Cost: 80.000 Euros.

Height:18 metres.

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"The debts of the kingdom of Iberia with the North lenders were increasing, and the Iberian rulers allowed this waste in coexistence with lenders.                           

"Soon came the consequences, the northern barbarians invaded the castle of Iberia in search of their gold, committing all sorts of atrocities on the inhabitants of the kingdom that, used to live in abundance, and now were immersed in the deepest misery. "                          

"While governments and lenders withdrew to their lairs, enjoying the booty achieved during the years of false prosperity without paying any penalty for their sins."


"scorched earth"
"A graveyard of companies in Spain, where bright people have fallen"

madrid and cataluña fighting


"Mas: We are going to the independece fast that if we are judged with te spanish laws with all that we have done.."

"In madrid do not understand that Spain can get broken and instead of a negotiation together make a mess."

"Clamor for Catalan and not Spanish, but would no longer Messi score goals to madrid."

elder warrior

"Dependency Act"

"This man does not benefit from the law of dependence for not behaving and not having a little patience."

"For the following are hereby informed that the retirement is not accepted:
1- 97 years are not considered an age to stop working.
2-Be in wheelchair is not sufficient to grant a disability because.
3-While you have three nephews second grade who live on the peninsula during your lifetime."

"Death of companies."

"Tax: Inheritance
.                        Advantages: That suddenly miss the joy of having inherited .. respect the dead. That is, unknown advantages.
                       Disadvantages: That inherit an apartment of 50m2 and seems to have inherited the Hipercor
                       Taxable Model: The sooner taht as soon of the relative dead you're already thinking how to evade taxes.".

"Tax: VAT
.                        Advantages: The joy you take with you when you don't pay for it using a trap. All legal, eh ?.
                       Disadvantages: It touches 21 times your ... this tax when you pay it, you could go to ....
                       Taxable Model: Quarterly, and you have two months to remember about .. Minister Montoro."

"Game of Thrones."

"We have politicians we deserve? if so needless we complain."

"At the end of our desperate politicians to rule will do incredible barbarities."

Artur Más, Rosa Díez, Mariano Rajoy , Felipe VI

Artur Más, Rosa Díez, Mariano Rajoy , Felipe VI

Felipe VI, Pablo Iglesias, Pedro Sánchez, Alberto Garzón

Felipe VI, Pablo Iglesias, Pedro Sánchez, Alberto Garzón

"(Podemos=we can) Can we beat PP? They are corrupt but as Monedero, are fascisatas but as it was Chavez. Come, Podemos, we can!!"

"We can be monarchists, we could create a popular monarchy, of course we can. We can and we want to rule but it doesn't notice too much."

"Can we beat PSOE? They are not very left and are caste, but we can."

"Can we beat Izquierda Unida? They have behaved very badly with my girlfriend, but ... we can."

"royal evictions."

"The Royal Palace is an eviction, and catches the Queen Rapunzel that understands nothing."

"Podemos have won and all of the royalty says 'pray'."

"Hereby is condemned to leave your quarters immediately, by order of the Third Republic.
                      You are removed all the privileges that you had by grace of i don't know who, nor because, ultimately be removed.
                      With all the love we want you to know that from now on you will have to 'duck hump' as all mortals.
                      The story will remember you as the people's princess, despite you are not Belén Esteban will be the people's princess because it will be the people who will throw you to the street.
                      I do not think you have problems adjusting to your new reality, if any, calm and tease you a little, as more than 5 million spaniards.
                      And here ends your fairy of princesses and princes."

"All to prison."

prison and caged skeleton

"Rated of the prisoner: high risk of escape
. Name: known as 'nobody'
. Cause of the sentence: He stole two hens to eat their children, the bastard
. Sentence: Maximum not reviewable, 30 years."

jail guard.

"It seems that some live in the Middle Ages where anyone steal what is pleased. "
                         "In this country thousands of barbarities are made, not strange that some end up prisoners."
                         "Going to jail today is the first cry, it's like talking about the list of 'greatest hits' ".

"Cantos de sirena."


"In the fallas damned siren many presidents have left without job."

"The presidency was their parallel universe where they thought to live their honeymoon."

"Valencia unhealth."

"If from Valencian health expect efficacy, laugh until you you need it."

"Auto practiced surgery is a matter of not having manias."

"Besides being famous this waiting list, is clear and evident that even the dead despairs."

"If you are patient in the Valencian health, pray, cry and do what pleases you."


"Hospital The Faith... that you have to have."