Falla Cadarso Altea

"Bon Appetit"

Artist: Manuel Algarra.

Prize: 6th Special Section.

Cost: 90.000 Euros.

Height:17 metres.

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"The kitchen more than ever is fashionable, a fusion of traditional and avant-garde leads a real revolution. It is played with ingredients capriciously at the discretion of the chef trying dazzle diners."

"Chefs ready to give a great work, but sometimes situations are reversed and what it should be a great feast becomes nightmarish situations."

"New cuisine"

"Cooking our future in cheater school"

Pedro Sánchez

"Pedro Sánchez is granted from the new Socialist Party, is neat, great escapist and thus never goes unfavorably."

Iglesias y Errejón

"They say the pigtail man is a pupil, poor, has prepared a "chetsnut cast."

"The Errejón 'Jiminy Cricket' represents the consciousness of looking with such decent indulgence in front of a mirror."

Little Nicolás

Little Nicholas is immoral liar, flint-faced, he likes the juice as a fool.."

"International cuisine"

"In the international cuisine, bread from Rusia is esential."

french and cuban

"Get a taste in mouth of cod a good French, rather appetizer or entree many people would go crazy."

"Cuban recipe is so exotic and jealous that welcomes affectionate, among coconut banana."


"The Greek pleases both sexes and rules filling the sausage through a hole or annexes.

lower kitchen

"lower cuisine"

"Youth eat bad, some rogue cheap rubbish."

"They talk about healthy living but as a counterpoint promote low cost eating, to turn oneself crazy! ."

"By eating fat junk offal see the young man on stage, the world living in precarious, does not earn for sweets."

"Popular cuisine."

"The popular bar, makes you want to mourn."

"To Chicote urgently,seeing such a mess, they have called for him to place the order and decency."

 popular bar

Chicote, Soraya, Montoro and Rajoy.

Chicote, Soraya, Montoro

"And among olives and bad wine Soraya is sustaining underperforming at anytime and supporting the bar."

"In Beach pimp plan ,Montoro, fixed on the bar, everyone bothers while holding the money."


"Rajoy here is mourning, his bareto goes bust"

Chefs on stilts

"Haute cuisine."

"Shamelessly offered a plate of steamed smoke."

"Use stilts so of 'haute' which is high and are as assault troops when they charge us two kidneys."

"Fine cuisine that is typical recipes with very long name, but contain so little that need to eat with a microscope."

"It serves a 'maitre' drawing, elegant and so perfect, that this atmosphere so select one feels uncomfortable."

grandma cooking


"Traditional cuisine."

"We make the grandparents a monument, as are many holding."

"But if you look at the scene, cooking ingredients from a tin, defrauding the boy who missed her task."

"In home cooking grandma all uses, saves, is exquisite resulting cheap and healthy."

BANKIA, blesa

"Cuisine inventive."

"See here for a mess of Blesa, disgraced author."

"From Genova (popular party) is protected this arrogant and sloppy part of the fudge being cooked in the party."

"Author of the mess that has left the banks empty , Blesa is a demonstrated bully."

naked saver

"From the sink wants to leave but all restrictions, and meanwhile figthing Silva judge awaiting."

"'Littleclothe' is who has paid, being an innocent old man and they will stretch far, to give back what was stolen. "