Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana


Artist: Juan Lluch.

Prize: 8th special section.

Cost: 21.000 Euros.

Click this link to see Video of Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana

"A quirky inventor screaming happy an Eureka (I found it) in his laboratory."

"There are other inventors happy about their findings, they really are useless, but very funny."

girl in love

"In love is the girl with the good looking inventor."


"The family of millionaire just for bragging, inventions of this falla, all want to buy."

inventor with plane

"Where will this plane go?, i don't know if forward or backward."

flying platform

"Flying platform, ideal for plantá."

"The machine just crunching, we should get out of here, I'll pull the lock nut, if I do not lose the wrench."

"Apples can not even eat from this tree that I have patented."

squared ball

"An award for innovation in science, a square ball invent but nor Valencia nor Levante know where to start."

inventor shouting eureka

"Eureka shouted as the invention was finished, but didn't realize, that the invention was already invented."

"Eureka i have shout, from the house of the roof."

balloons machine

"A machine balloons, never have to blow again, the problem we have found, no one can lower the balloon."

inventor with potion

"With this potion I can finally talk to animals, to the monkey will talk and tell him a thousand stories."

sweets machine

"What a fun machine, that animals gives from the tap, also sweets, ice cream and cakes, with all this we will be happy."


"We will weld boilers, not to let them explode, if it happens, will be like a mascletá."

flying shark

"A flying shark've created, I've finally finished, if he doesn't bite me, I get out of this unscathed mission."

erasmus inventors

"Erasmus have come and the time we lost. We return home, and have not made any discovery."


"Over there you go, with wings that I created, jump into the void without fear, calm you will not do a bump."