Falla Mercado Central

"Worlds of ink and paper"

Artist: Vicente Martinez.

Prize: 5th Special Section.

Cost: 85.000 Euros.

Height:16 metres.

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"The books tell stories. But the books would not be books without pages and letters. In the same way that the stories would not be stories without characters and events."

"The soul of the novel lies in the heart of the writer and the reader. The soul of the novel is the one that will make you fly with wings of magic. Fly to worlds of ink and paper. "

sherclok holmes

"An example of efficiency, Sherclock Holmes, who wisely wants to solve a mystery using insight, to find talent and grace in the current fallas."

medusa and persian


"Arabian Nights."

falla mercado central 2015

"To remember the Iliad have planted a jellyfish and have placed without wearing blouse and topless, so good!.                           She wears very tangled, a whole bunch of snakes, which only wathcing them they petrified you, as mercado falla if we do not win awards. "

"Science fiction."

"Made their costume flags, tired of waiting and this issue they do have to fix our ... Fallas Femen."                  

"It no longer makes sense and this issue is a failure, if fallas are ignored, do ... give the breast."                  

"The Fallas Central Board has suddenly found a solution to this complication, fleeing to the race."                  

"All parties are ahead, fallas always at the end. Intangible Heritage? When donkeys fly on board."

femen falleras

"Intangible Heritage now."

"Valencia literature."

"A typical picture that to all excite, because nobody here questions of these two, who is in charge."                   

"Our anthem with his sones will always accompany them and the question hovering Who wears the pants ?."

The Three Musketeers

"We have 'The Three Musketeers' great adventure story where you have, as they are not angels,                          many quarrels, intrigues and big fights, so there is nothing strange that the Board brings them this year ... as a judge of fallas. "

"Horror literature."

"With such fine girl a better broth is made, for reading books of fear has left her goosebumps."                   

"She can not sleep at night because is afraid of Butoni, ghosts, the devil and being alone in bed."


"Momories of a Geisha"

rajoy, iglesias  and sanchez


"They look like the Ying and Yang are Pimpinela in concert, fight, but the truth is that all are ... pinching us."                      

"They discuss a lot like any couple, but when bring out the breast, the other grabs the nipple."



"We've put in this way the master of fallas verse, was the leader who in very accurate way, full of faller satire, and Vicenteta in the middle, with her famous rabbit, wrote the first llibret, and we will honor here .. i Bernat Baldoví. "                      

"I am Vicentita and today come down from Burjassot to see if anyone here can put price... to the rabbit"


"Of love and passion."

"With only put bodies together very mellow she said, whispering in his ear , i am going to eat you."                        

"Lovers as these two you will not see, is as fiery love that eventually they will be... devoured."