Child Falla Na Jordana


Artist: Joan S. Blanch.

Prize: 3rd special section and 2nd talent and grace.

Cost: 25.000 Euros.

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"Boredom, admiration, joy, friendship, anger, despair, happiness .. Emotions."

"A fallera 'fallera' since she was a child, is the sotry of Mensín, the soul of our falla."

"Fallas are many many acts."

"Mensín wrapped in flowers can not avoid crying but she awaits the great Fallas week."

"Fallas are powder and fire."

"Mensín crying lights the fuse and a tremor shakes, rockets everywhere saying to fallas 'bye'."

"Fallas are clothing."

"Mensín all scrim has to choice recommended, is not easy for her to be always immaculate."


"Fallas are music"

"Mensín is all fascinated, the emotion is sensational, feeling the dolzaina and drum"

"Failures are groupings"

"An active house of falla all year long with festive atmosphere, here you have to do everything, be fallera ... especially."


"Fallas are work"

"Work and more work always laughing, but the most important .. the set up of the falla."

children having fun

"Fallas are street parties"

"Churros, fireworks, music and people, many, many people, no parties as fallas between smoke and chips."


"Fallas are devotion."

"Mensín goes to the convent to avoid rain and wind offering dozens eggs, poor nuns, all full."