Falla Antiga Campanar

"Giddy Up! Unicorn, giddy up!"

Artist: Carlos Carsí.

Prize: 3rd Special Section and 2nd of talent and grace

Cost: 170.000 Euros.

Height:23 metres.

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"It is a song to the madness of today, because you have to be a little crazy to live, see and believe many of the things that assault us daily.
A crazy world where believing in unicorns should be an obligation".                          

"Because when we believe that something is impossible, unthinkable, that it can not be, that it is not real, that it is a fantasy ... suddenly it is real. Exist.
So if that in particular exists ... why not the unicorns ?.

                          Come and see. The world is a fair and we take the fair to the falla in the form of the most incredible attractions in the style of those impressive fairs of the early twentieth century. And presiding, the merry-go-round of the unicorns. A place where the family of Molino de la Marquesa, a Valencian family, can be totally free.

If the world is totally old and worn, it escapes on the back of a unicorn. Recommended is. It's very therapeutic ... Giddy Up! Unicorn, giddy up!"

"The unicorns are running to flee from day to day, corrupt, bribes, injustice and villainy.
                    The baron, already retired, is looking for fun but sees that the pension box has been stolen.
                    And the nanny despairs being autonomous as you know, and doing accounts is exasperated because it only brings headaches."

"UNICORN'S TAIL: A horn is just a reason for inspiring madness, especially if it looks like a pivot of percussive movement.
Two cranial horns are the reason for some suitcases, of marital horns and well-ordered demands.

                   They are three horns thing of merit because they denote well the style that has a body that is worthy, because it is guard and is civil (the guardia civil police)."

"The family of Molino that runs the marquise, as you can see with fine modals ... nothing says that it stresses!
The marquis has got dizzy but not in the attractions, being a politician accused of corruptions.
                   The children, a cutie, of the school have been freed ... because the concerted school .. some 'master' has closed it!."

"Go through the box office..
Workers employed: According to the IRPF. Positive: to pay. Negative: to pay. Self-employed: € 275, possibility of flat rate.
Retirees: RRP minus 0.25%.                     Children: See the falla validates as extracurricular.
Offer for falleros: to pay for everything, because the fallero is always the one who ends up paying everything! ".

"Go through the box office: This entry is not free, and you'll have to portray yourself, so you know, certainly, the money you have to spend.
                     In the thirst that leads vampire, you see that arrives vain, as you will see in this fair, a box office politician ...
                     He lets you do pieces because he does not want just the entrance, the tax brings you to bites.
                     Che Montoro, what was missing!. "

"Mari Loli, a great and abundant bearded, here welcomes and a gift to the visitor.
                   She suffered the crisis and the girl was left for food sins ... not stopping for breathing!

                   And now you see the girl as appears under the nose what was a shady ... now reaches the forearm!."

"Blind cups: Gender: it's not a matter of gender, it's love. Minimum age: 18, Suarez already said.
                   how does it work? Two opposite people completely get into the cup on a blind date and wait to see if love arises.
                   Warnings: Do not ride in case of affinity, sympathy, attractiveness, tendency, affection or the slightest interest."

"Blind Cups: In the cups, dating, the impossible couples make clear and proven to be completely incompatible.
Einstein and Kiko Rivera want to make a video clip, and another challenge has Sobera ..! Puigdemont and King Felipe!
               Another one, which is a great danger! as joining Ramos with Piqué is not easy."

kiko rivera and einstein

"Kiko Rivera: That's how I am. Einstein: Everything is relative".

ramos and piqué

"Ramos: 'morry cristmas'. Piqué: If Spain were a donut...".

puigdemont and the king

"Puigdemont: The 'proces' is a game of thrones. Felipe: I am more of 'law and order'".


"Chinochano, the harlequin today works for money and has changed to do cartwheels because before it was anit-caste !.
He has gone from populism to return to doing business .. that the best capitalism is to earn money for leisure!.                            He wanted 'primroses' he even wanted a pigtail ... but now you really see him that this guy turns out to be a 'mug'! "

"Welcome to Big Bum Mountain: Genre: explosive ... very explosive. Minimum age: physical or mental?
How does it work? who climbs this roller coaster is allowed to come chasing the others up and down ... and dizzy to the whole world.
Warnings: Forbidden to use twitter, viralize Fake news and normal hairstyles. "

"Big Bum Mountain: The mountain is going to explode! but not of fun ... because the term 'nuclear' carries only concern.
                      These three are celebrating, they do not rest for a second, shot like a bullet that threatens the whole world.
                      Kim Jong A single threat, Putin looks amused while Trump, governing has already been lucid. "

"Welcome to Spanish Horror History: Gender: Scary, based on real events. Minimum age: 40 years, like the constitution.
How does it work? Let yourself be carried away by your sensations and enter into the depth of Spain. You will feel what it is to shit with fear ... and shit on more than one.
Warnings: Refrain justificators. Do not do spoilers."

"Spanish Horror History: We will give you a warning to enter the attraction: it can give you incontinence to piss your pants.
If you suffer from heart disease do not go through the door, or with allergy to ammonia ... that you can get very ill.
                      The attraction gives you a kick by removing your fear ... because Spain waits for you inside, come in and you will see, how scaring!."

"We all live in the madness of feeling a bit grilled because we suffer from the disease of living in society.
                 They are all a bit crazy ... and the criteria you put yours, or the other way around, the world is serene and you are half nut!                   Riding the unicorn we will run away from so much crazy, because not you, only the environment ... it is crazy and very crazy !."

"Sugar in series: Series .... or lead: all the weekend watching a series. Zombie in series: stay all night watching a series and go to work.
Serial game: Play to verify when it will be the end of the series. Lie in series: When you said you see a series because everyone sees it.
Spoilers in series: When they tell you that the whole season is going about."

"Sugar in series: Today things have changed when you watch television, because you've hit the series and you see it ... in a marathon.
                  As the sugar that packs you, you have, as you know, a lot of bad series e to throw overboard.
                  But other addictive you can never leave, in very abusive sessions that you see without fainting."

"Welcome to Great Doggini: Genre: Animal magic. Minimum age: no small fish, thanks.
                 how does it work? The magician who had to make the show does not appear anywhere, so his animal helpers will perform a trick of escapism ... where will the magician be?.                  Warnings: A lot of attention if you see rats, that you surely see them, because now there is valencia full of them."

"Great Doggini: An animalistic trouppe revenge has prepared and becomes an activist ... because the magician has kidnapped!.                   Now here Doggini orders, the hairiest escapist, who has dominion over water ... what he does not have is fitness!.                   Meanwhile you see that the group to its master, in a corner, a whole trick in front of it releases ... final trick, I have the impression!."

"Welcome to Kick Retirator: Gender: Controversial, puts in solfa a government. Minimum age: 65, 67, 72, .. no one clarifies.
                 how does it work? This only works when retirees, fed up with everyone putting their hand in their wallets, put their balls on the table.
                 Warnings: This attraction is the example that energy has no age."

"Kick Retirator: As it seems that the piggy bank where they were pensions has been very sad and alone will have to do other actions. This grandpas, as noted, go to the monetary steal when the boy looks with reserve what the grandpa does daily.
He is strong in consequence, keeping the children, takes care of the grandchildren with efficiency and never falls into the confusion."

"Welcome to I tell you your prize: Gender: sometimes it's the silly genre. Minimum age: children and adults.
                 how does it work? Make a request of prize or jury of failure to our fortune teller. Wish very strong and speaks bad of the falla of the competitor to see what happens.
                 Warnings: If you say 'the prize was already known', 'that is all rigged', 'we have been robbed' or 'they have moved the pot', our sorceress will turn you into a sheep or whatever."

"I tell you your prize: do you want to know the future? Here you have the fortune teller, who looking at you makes the augury ... of the 'prize' that is needed!.
                  Practicing palmistry will tell you the sorceress if you will have the circumstance of winning fallas glory.
                  It is that the prizes in delirium the falleros want to win, and to the others that put a candle .... always black, for losing!"

"Welcome to chuu chuu crappy!: Gender: autonomic. Minimum age: historical autonomy free entry.
                 how does it work? You ask for a ticket for the regional financing train and the train may goes through your autonomy, may not stop pr may not go ....
                 Warnings: Warning, the pasta train does not pass through the Valencian community."

"Chu.. chu.. crappy!: He goes by train to travel to other lands with the money that Spain pays for and what Spain spends.
Autonomic. Paid fund that has touched large baskets but you will see if it has touched .. that to us, just the noses!.                   And Puig goes, chasing, running in case he reaches it ... He is a 'runner' who arrives late!."

"Welcome to the knock: Gender: aquatic, makes puddles. Minimum age: the one of Christ.
                 how does it work? The fallero that wants can take a motive (of the many that we have) and throw it. If it makes target, Pere Fuste will fall into the tank of the 'presidents' assembly.
                 Warnings: This attraction can cause rejection of affiliates, 'followers', etc."

"The knock: A convoy here they prepare since it is new the attraction and with the knocks that are prepared I think that it is going to be the sensation.
Goal of the 'knocks' you see that they put Fuset, that from here wants to leave by legs ... that other times already it has done it!
                  He left the assembly ... for the survey? may be, it will be so awkward that some 'knocks' will try!."