Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana

"Do we celebrate?"

Artist: Bernardo Estela.

Prize: 4th special section.

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"Celebrating from January to December, the festive calendar of the Valencian Region."

"A family celebrating New Year's Eve and New Year's entrance. The feast of the tree Wise Men, which is being docked by Santa Claus. Funny representation of the most important festivals of the festive calendar of our community."

"Durante los doce meses del año, grandiosas fiestas celebramos, organizdas con constancia y afán, que con todo el alma homenajeamos."

New Years Eve

"New Years Eve."

New Years Eve

"Just finished the twelve bells: hopes and hopes renewed!."

wise men

"Night of the tree Wise Men. The triumphant and decadent Wise Men: blame on the fat red man smiling."
"Santa Claus is robbing them, the Yankee invasion is already a reality!"

Battle of Flowers

"Battle of Flowers. There is no group or brotherhood in the always dreamed battle of flowers."

Moors and Christians

"Moors and Christians."

ninot and people taking pictures

"Exhibition of Ninot. In the yearned Expo del Ninot, cork, flashes and many people "
                    "It does not matter if it's beautiful or ugly, here the posture is valued more."
                    "Colorful Ninots and excess glitter, we will wear sunglasses and some aspirin."


"Corpus Christi. The dance of La Moma represents virtue. The Cirialot wants to know if he is hairy or ... she is hairy!"

corpus christi

"Let's see if I find some bigger candle around here..."

tomato war

"Tomatina. The regions of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante fight to be the most important party."


"Easter. He does not want to know anything about parades and processions. His penance is to win 'game of thrones' "


"Carnival. In carnival costumes and laughter, we heat the engine for fallas."

San denís

"San Denís. In Valencia we are not of Valentine's Day, here we are very fans of San Denís."